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With the New Year and Chinese New Year fast on our heels, this is the perfect time to give ourselves some downtime and prime our skin for upcoming social gatherings. Here at Yahoo Life Singapore, we love time-saving home spas with the latest beauty gadgets, but we also know that there's only so far we can go with home treatments, especially if we wish to see results fast. So, to look even better in 2023, we are stoked to get first-hand dibs on beauty-related news from a certified practitioner. I spoke with Dr Lim Ming Yee, Founder and Managing Director of MY Medical Aesthetics, on the latest aesthetic trends and top skincare tips to achieve that natural radiant glow.
Of course, we love to take care of you, our dear readers. So, please scroll down for special skincare promotions at MY Medical Aesthetics, plus recommendations from us based on Dr Lim’s top skincare tips.
Dr Lim Ming Yee: In 2023, we expect a more significant shift towards injectable procedures, which helps deep hydration, collagen stimulation, wrinkle reduction, and refine facial features. This is because we have seen more patients in their 20s starting to take better care of their skin and even undergo aesthetic procedures. Furthermore, there has been a rise in male patients turning to aesthetic treatments, which are increasingly important for men and women.
Yes, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the beauty industry. We noticed that many of our patients have been taking care of their skin more religiously due to maskne, which refers to breakouts around the jawline, mouth, and chin caused or worsened by wearing a mask. Those with maskne issues have sought ways to maintain skin texture or prevent such problems from recurring. However, as wearing a mask is only mandatory when people are in hospitals, clinics, and on public transport, maskne will not be a prolonged skin issue in the long term.
We have noticed more advanced skincare devices, including Foreo and CurrentBody. They range from powered cleaning brushes, 5-in-1 facial spa devices, LED masks, microcurrent facial devices, and many more! These devices are mainly used for improving skin quality, complexion, and texture.
They complement both skincare and aesthetic treatments to boost and prolong the aesthetic treatment results. However, the results can't be compared with doctor treatments, as skincare devices are more suitable for daily home maintenance and the efficacy of the devices is generally milder than medical equipment used in clinics.
In general, everyone can benefit from both non-invasive and invasive treatments. Non-invasive treatments refer to laser and medi-facial treatments, while invasive treatments refer to injectable procedures. When discussing who will benefit from the treatments, the critical point is the specific skin concern, followed by suitable therapies.
For example, an injectable procedure such as Botox suits people concerned about forehead lines, frown lines, and crow's feet. The results are more prominent than lasers or medi-facials for anti-ageing and wrinkle reduction. On the other hand, those concerned about pigmentations and acne are advised to do a combination of lasers and medi-facials. This is because laser energy can lighten the pigments and reduce oil production.
Patients face three common skin concerns: pigmentation, acne, and ageing.
MY Pigmentation Programme – a combination of lasers and Medi-facials
Skin boosters to keep the skin hydrated and glowy
MY Anti-Acne Programme – a combination of lasers and Medi-facials
Chemical peels
Skincare products to manage recurring acne problems
Oral medication
MY Face Sculpting Programme – a combination of fillers to replace and restore volume loss
Laser skin tightening
High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatments
Aftercare after aesthetic treatments might differ based on the treatments.
Stay out of the sun as much as possible
Apply sunblock liberally
Keep your skin moisturised
Avoid peeling off the dead skin and let it flake and peel naturally
Avoid using any form of exfoliation to prevent further irritation of the skin
Avoid strenuous exercises, alcohol and excessive smoking for the treatment day.
Avoid massaging the treated areas unless the doctor instructs you to do so
Avoid applying heat to the treated areas, e.g. sauna usage, hot tubs, tanning, extremely cold weather, and facial treatments for two weeks after the treatment
I advise them not to pop any pimples by themselves. I understand it is super tempting to pop that pesky pimple. However, doing so can lead to scarring, transfer bacteria into other pores, and result in deep, inflamed acne. Instead, I advise seeking professional help, such as going for medi-facials, to unclog the pores.
Here are some essential and easy-to-follow skincare tips from MY Medical Aesthetics:
Tip 1 Cleanser: Pick a gentle cleanser for daily use; look for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and aloe vera extract!
Tip 2 Exfoliator: It is recommended to exfoliate at least 1 to 2 times per week. You can go for fine-grit facial scrubs or gel scrubs. This removes dead skin cells, allowing new cells to surface for healthier skin.
Tip 3 Toner: It is used to balance skin pH and tone the skin; those with acne-prone skin can look for a toner which contains salicylic acid to control oil production, while normal to sensitive skin can look for soothing agents, such as aloe vera, witch hazel, or chamomile extract.
Tip 4 Moisturiser – it is important to moisturise both during the day and at night; this keeps the skin hydrated.
Tip 5 Sunblock: We cannot emphasise enough how important this step is; there are UV rays all around, even indoors! To protect the skin from UV rays, apply sunblock daily; this prevents skin ageing.
Dr Lim Ming Yee, Founder and Managing Director of MY Medical Aesthetics, began his medical career at hospitals including Singapore General Hospital, KK Women's and Children's Hospital, and Alexandra Hospital. But his true passion is in aesthetics. In 2017, he founded his first aesthetics clinic, named after his initials, Ming Yee. Dr Lim's success is built on decades of experience and a keen eye for natural-looking results based on each patient's personalised needs and skin concerns. He also travels widely to learn about the latest advancements in the field of aesthetics.
Valid till 31 January 2023
S$88 nett for MY customised medi-facial
S$160.50 nett for wrinkle reduction (forehead lines/frown lines/crow’s feet)
S$250 nett for MY customised laser + medi-facial
Contact MY Medical Aesthetics here.
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