I change my identity when I put on makeup – people say I go from ‘Mr. Bean to Kylie Jenner’… – The US Sun

A TIKTOK star has revealed her dramatic transformation from "Mr. Bean to Kylie Jenner."
Fabiola Baglieri posted a video showing herself before and after her makeover. People were stunned by the difference in her appearance.
Between foundation, eyeliner, false eyelashes and cream contour, beauty products allow you to shapeshift.
You can take baggy under-eyes and make them smooth, wrinkle-free and bright.
"Watch my identity change," Fabiola says in the video.
Her face starts off completely bare and pale.
One half of her hair is in a loose braid, while the other is roughly brushed down.
She's got dark pink circles under her eyes, and her lips are pursed.
The faintest line of black hugs the outer shape of her eyes.
And her eyebrow hairs are tangled.
Fabiola waves her hand in front of the camera, and the screen goes black for just a second.
Then, she appears with a full face of makeup.
Her complexion is now bronzed and highlighter.
The dark circles are gone, and she has thick-winged eyeliner.
Fabiola's eyebrows are brushed and colored, while her lips have just the right amount of gloss.
She's sitting next to the individual responsible for her transformation, makeup artist Patrick Starrr.
Fabiola says: "The one and only."
Blown away and shocked, viewers took to the comments to express their disbelief.
"Mr. Bean to Kylie Jenner," an opinionated person wrote.
A baffled woman said: "This is why you take her swimming for the first date."
"Shapeshifting..," a male commented.
One kind commenter added: "You are beautiful either way."
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