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Mental Health America released a report that ranks all 50 states’ overall mental health.

Mental Health America released “The State of Mental Health in America 2023,” a report that analyzes the prevalence of mental illness in the United States, and how much access to mental health care is available in each state. Using this data and other measures, each state, including the District of Colombia, was ranked from best to worst for mental health.
Mental Health America believes that advocating for better mental health for Americans requires research to identify areas of need throughout the country.
“We believe that gathering and providing up-to-date data and information about disparities faced by individuals with mental health problems is a tool for change,” the report says.
Their goal in completing this research is to identify areas of need within the country to “understand how changes in national data reflect the impact of legislation and policies, and to increase dialogue and improve outcomes for individuals and families with mental health needs.”
The report used public health data for both adults and youth and ranked the states on overall mental health quality, taking into account the size of each state.
To rank the states, 15 measures were used to make up the overall ranking:

Based on the data and criteria listed, these are the U.S. states — including Washington, D.C., — ranked from best to worst for overall mental health.

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