Kim Kardashian goes make-up free & reveals real skin as she sings with daughter North, 9, in sweet TikTok… – The US Sun

KIM Kardashian goes make-up free and shows off her real smooth skin without makeup in a video alongside her daughter North West.
On TikTok, North, nine, and her mom Kim, 42, got in the holiday spirit but Kim took the chance to proudly display her aging skin.
In a rare on-camera moment, Kim sat on a couch beside her daughter keeping it casual in sweats and no makeup.
Kim and North sang along to a cover of Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas.
The Kardashian star bared her real under-eye bags, wrinkles and textured skin.
Although her face appeared recently moisturized, her eyebrows looked freshly shaped and her lips are plump and full.
North also went makeup free in the video and looked pure, happy and innocent with fresh skin and her hair pulled back in braids.
The budding teen appeared to be enjoying her one-on-one time with her mom over the holiday weekend.
Although Kim went all out for the Kardashian weekend celebrations and showed off the family's lavish affair on social media.
The Kardashians' Thanksgiving celebration included plenty of rich desserts and royal paintings of family portraits.
Kim was the first to post about the grand display on her TikTok she shares with North.
Kim included shots of candles, portraits, the Kardashian table set up and desserts in the video.
The entire family was included in the Victorian royal-style paintings, including Khloe, 38, holding her new baby boy and Kim dressed in a Marie Antoinette-esque blond updo.
Kris Jenner, 67, also showed off the lavish dinner; however, she included a video of a massive charcuterie and cheese board and gave a close-up look at the dessert table.
The desserts included a donut bar and a slice of a pie-flavor-of-choice with an abundance of toppings.
However, Kardashian critics weren't charmed by the grand display of wealth.
One fan took to an online forum and slammed: "Like, I get it, they’re immensely wealthy… but the overabundance in every capacity nearly every week is gross."
Another said: "Aren’t you supposed to be humble and thankful on Thanksgiving?"
Yet a third asked: "Anyone else find those portraits kind of weird? They aren’t royalty, just really rich."
A fourth lamented: "I wish I was there eating all that food – looks so good. I hope it doesn’t get wasted."
A fifth and final fan slammed: "They need to get over themselves."
Also over the holiday weekend on the mother-daughter TikTok account, Kim showed off her skinny frame beside North wearing a sporty oversized sweatshirt.
In the clip, Kim wore baggy orange sweatpants and a black bandeau bra, showing off her shrinking waistline.
She paired the look with sunglasses and orange Yeezy slides.
Kim looked as skinny as ever, after losing a large amount of weight this past summer.

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