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Written by Tavishi Dogra | Updated : December 16, 2022 9:46 PM IST
According to studies, getting too little sleep raises your chance of weight gain. This is because your body produces and controls several hormones as you sleep.
Two examples are ghrelin, which induces appetite, and leptin, which has fullness. Your ghrelin levels may rise while your leptin levels fall due to sleep deprivation, making you more prone to overeat. Also Read – Lionel Messi Fitness Regime: Greatest Footballer Of All Times, Messi’s Fitness Routine, Watch Video
Lack of sleep can affect a person’s ability to manage emotions, make wise choices, and deal with everyday life. You may feel sleepy, forgetful, and sluggish if you don’t get enough sleep.
Lack of sleep might make it difficult for you to do high-functioning activities, which can negatively impact your ability to perform your work.  Also Read – Sugar Diabetes Versus Water Diabetes: The Two Mimic But Are Not Related
Mr Archit Gupta, Managing Director of King Koil, says that getting adequate sleep makes you safer and more responsive at work. It also makes you more alert.
With age, the amount of sleep a person needs changes. However, simple lifestyle adjustments can improve your sleep patterns and quality.  Also Read – Chronic Kidney Disease Of Unknown Causes In India: Treatment, Challenges, Solutions And More
Making a sleeping schedule, you can adhere to may promote religiously restful sleep. However, if you still have trouble getting enough sleep, consider discussing your sleep problems with your doctor.
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