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Whether it is your wedding or a party, every woman wants to look the best. Women spend hours on makeup in order to make their skin look flawless. One way to achieve this flawless skin is by applying airbrush makeup. This makeup technique is quite in trend right now and is a favourite of makeup professionals. However, if a technology has advantages, then it also has disadvantages.
If you get airbrush makeup done properly by a professional, then you can look fabulous. However, a slight mistake can spoil your entire look. If you are choosing airbrush makeup, then you should know all about it.
bridal airbrush makeup
Airbrush makeup is a light makeup applied with an airgun. Liquid foundation is poured into the smaller chambers of the airgun and sprayed onto the bride’s face. As soon as the trigger is pressed, the foundation spray covers the face to give a flawless finish and the makeup blends well on the face.
Are you tired of fixing your makeup again and again? Then, airbrush makeup is perfect for you as it is long lasting. One of the major advantages of airbrush makeup is that it lasts all day long as it is mostly silicone based. Thus, it is also water resistant.
flawless airbrush makeup
Airbrush makeup is applied evenly across the face, giving you a flawless touch. It gives you a better look as compared to regular makeup.
If you don’t want a heavy coat of foundation on your face, then this might be perfect for you. Due to the spray application, it gives maximum coverage with minimum product.
If you have oily skin, then it may be better for you and also, it will last longer than regular makeup. Since airbrush makeup can be applied in fine layers, it dries very quickly which means you can add more layers for more coverage.
It is usually more expensive than regular makeup which is obvious since it is done through a machine.  The difference between HD makeup and airbrush makeup can be as much as Rs 7000 but it can vary from one makeup artist to another.
flaky airbrush makeup
Airbrush makeup feels amazing on moisturised and hydrated skin. However, if you have dry skin, then the spray-on product may start to flake off quickly. Since the formula is waterproof, therefore, the consistency is less creamy than that of a traditional foundation. Your base should be prepped, primed and well hydrated or else it will end up looking flaky.
If you need touch-ups after your makeup is done, then it can be difficult. This is because airbrush makeup cannot be re-blended. Thus, it can make it a bit difficult to achieve that flawless look if it is not done on the first try.
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If you have acne-prone skin and wish to hide those marks, then you shouldn’t go for this. This is because airbrush makeup may not completely hide it.
This new and trending makeup technique is a blessing in disguise for all the girls. However, it is not suited for those with dry or flaky skin types. Alcohol is present in this type of foundation which dries your skin. Thus, it is ideal for normal, combination and oily skin.
It is advised that women with dry skin should stay away from it. However, a proper skincare routine can prepare your skin for airbrush makeup. Also, this makeup is not ideal to hide your dark circles. Therefore, you should opt for traditional makeup products for this purpose.
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airgun airbrush makeup
We can surely say that airbrush makeup is a wonderful technique and a gift for women all around the world. It is a great option for your wedding day or any other special occasion. However, there are some things that you should keep in mind if you are opting for airbrush makeup. Read on for some important tips in order to get flawless skin after airbrush makeup.
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If you are still confused about this, then you can take a trial before a good professional makeup artist. But before choosing any makeup technique, take care of your pocket. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!

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