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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Emerald Ray Botanicals
When it comes to practicing health and wellness, the mental is just as important as the physical. There are many benefits believed to come from tapping into our high-vibrational state and looking at wellness from a spiritual lense. And recently, MTV Siesta Key star, Chloe Long, is bringing everything she’s learned from her own spiritual practice to her latest endeavor, an all-natural skincare line called Emerald Ray Botanicals. This plant-based collection includes a face oil, cleanser, and toner that include high-vibrational ingredients that set out to transform us into our most beautiful selves from the inside out.
To hear all the details on how Chloe brought her brand to life, Haute Beauty VP of Network Partnerships, Andrea Gutierrez, sat down with the reality TV star to learn everything from inspiration to working with her husband to advice for other young entrepreneurs. Here’s what she shared:
Chloe Long: So I actually am a cosmetologist. I went to cosmetology school before I started filming the show, and I thought I was going to be able to do both. What I realized is filming a reality show is a full-time job, and you can’t really cancel on clients last minute, because you have to go run and do a scene. But my passion for the beauty industry was always there. It started when I was a little girl. I was always the one in high school to do everyone’s hair and do everyone’s makeup, so I’ve always had a passion for it. Two years ago in June, I went through a spiritual awakening, so to speak, and all of that entailed getting my mental, emotional, and physical health absolutely better.
But that also involved taking a look at the beauty products that I was using. What I learned is that in almost all of the beauty products that we use, there are a ton of toxic and cancer-causing chemicals in them. There are also ingredients that throw off your hormones, and if your hormones are out of balance, it can affect your anxiety, stress, and all of these things. So I got rid of all of my products. We’re talking skin care, hair care, makeup, and tens of thousands of products, and I switched to more natural stuff.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Emerald Ray Botanicals
CL: I just had no one to tell me, and then, you wouldn’t think, “Oh, I read my labels when I’m going to buy food,” but you have to read your labels when it comes to your foundation when it comes to your facial cleanser – every single product. And so I did the research, and I discovered that there are really not that many companies that stand for all-natural from-the-earth ingredients.
During COVID, one of my little hobbies was creating face oil in my kitchen. I knew rosehip oil and jojoba oil were really good. From there I started buying other things online. After six months of using my homemade oil, one of my friends said, “Well, what have you been doing with your skin? Your skin looks so good.” And I told her, and she said, “You should do that. Why don’t you create your own skincare line?” And it never even dawned on me. So it just birthed from a place of having a passion to find skincare that not only is good for you but it also works.
CL:  In my spiritual journey, I learned a lot about different elements of the metaphysical world. I believe that we all have a chakra system within our body, which is our energetic connection to the earth and to the spiritual realm. One of the chakras is the heart chakra, and it’s known to be an emerald green light. Your heart chakra is what everyone would think it is – it’s about self-love and giving love out. I’ve always been obsessed with that heart chakra because I felt that I tapped into something in myself when I went through my spiritual journey of learning what it means to love yourself on a deep, deep level.
We all have insecurities, and being on a reality TV show, my insecurities are out there for the world to see. People don’t think that I see comments that are nasty, but I do see them. And to get to a place where I truly can feel that none of that affects me because I know my relationship with myself – that’s all about the emerald love within. So it just comes from deep self-love. I want to help show other people that when you can unlock a love for yourself so deep, that magic will happen around you.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Emerald Ray Botanicals
CL: I think a lot of people when they hear oil, get concerned, “Is this going to make my skin oily?” And there are many reasons why it won’t. Two of the main ingredients in the face oil is CBD extract, it helps put your skin in a homeostasis setting where if it is too oily, it’s actually going to level it out. If it’s too dry, it’s going to hydrate it. If it’s red, it will even out the skin tone. If you are prone to acne and bumps, it’s going to help smooth those over.
People use CBD for all sorts of things, even putting it on rashes and joint pain. But, what they don’t know is it’s actually really, really, really good for your skin. And another ingredient is jojoba oil. That’s considered a dry oil, so it will not make your skin oily. Jojoba oil actually soaks within 10 minutes. Once you put the face oil on, within10 minutes, you will notice that your skin is not oily at all. There are also metaphysical properties in it like lavender, which is known to help relax you and calm your anxiety. What people don’t know is it’s also an anti-inflammatory. 
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Emerald Ray Botanicals
CL: I suggest morning and night. I have a three-step routine, daily. There are days that I do more than others, but every day I cleanse, tone, and use the face oil. I also really love it before I put on my liquid foundation – I put it on and let it soak in for 10 minutes and then put my liquid foundation over it. It doesn’t mess with your makeup.
CL: Well, I think when it comes to our relationship, we just work. So when it comes to a business, we just work as well. He’s been in sales for over a decade, he actually just was promoted to the head salesman of his medical sales company that he’s in, so he’s like a master seller. He really helps with the wholesale orders and setting up stuff like that, which has been really helpful, because, as outgoing, as I am, it’s kind of hard to do sales unless you’ve been in that industry for a little bit of time.
To have him is really great. He knows just as much about the product as I do, he uses it just as much, and that is a part of the sales when you believe in a product. Just like our marriage, he lets me have my opinion, and only when he really feels that he needs to step in, he does.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Emerald Ray Botanicals
CL: I firmly believe that every single part of your life plays into this moment now. So it would be very naive for me to say that I would have this company without the show. However, the show has yet to air anything about Emerald Ray, so I’ve promoted it all on my own. At first, it made me a little upset that the show wasn’t capitalizing on it a little more but now, looking back, I’m really grateful because I can say I’ve created this by myself. I didn’t have a huge network helping it, and having my social media platform, I wouldn’t have that without the show. So it’s been interesting, and I’m excited to see the show this season as it really focuses on my journey in finding new products and a new manufacturer. You’ll also get to see the ins and outs of creating new products and even designing the packages, bottling, and all of it. So I’m really excited about that! 
CL: I think when it comes to anything in life and deciding what you want to do, having a relationship with yourself first and knowing your worth first is the most important because how do you expect people to respect you and love you and be inspired by you if you don’t feel that way for yourself? I went through a crazy time in my early 20s; unfortunately, it was shown to the world. But I’m grateful because it made me self-actualize and realize maybe that’s not how I want to live my life.
So going through your early 20s, you’re going to have bumps, and it’s going to be chaotic but just enjoy it. When you get to the point of figuring out what it is you want to do, I think having a relationship with yourself and figuring out who you truly are and what makes you happy is the first thing you should do before deciding what you want to do, whether it’s own your own business, work in the medical field, whatever it is, you have to put you first.
CL: At the beginning of September, we launched two new products, a facial cleanser, and a toner. I’m very, excited about both of those products. Working in this industry and trying to figure out how to formulate a product correctly, with holding my values of natural, organic, from the earth, no added chemicals whatsoever, I learned it’s almost impossible. For this round of products, we brought a doctor on board so both of the new products are expertly formulated. So I’m really proud to say that not only can I put my name on this, but a doctor has put their name on it. I just see it going really far. And this isn’t where I’m going to create hundreds of products to just sell. I’m creating what I think is necessary, what we all use that will actually work. Do I expect to go into haircare, skincare, and even makeup one day? Yes. But as of right now, the focus is on the new products that actually have completely different packaging, are more of a constellation-type vibe, and we are going more into nature for this new drop, making it even more emerald! 
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Emerald Ray Botanicals
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