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FORMER Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff has let her daughter Ember wear makeup again amid push back from fans on the matter.
Audrey, 31, appears to have dismissed fans opinions as she continues to allow her offspring to wear makeup in public.
In the 31-year-old's recent Instagram story she is pictured cheesing with her husband Jeremy, 32, and their daughter Ember, 5 who were also all smiles.
The Roloff family were all dressed up in the photo and Ember appeared to have on the same lipstick as Audrey.
"She got to be in the nutcracker and go see it this year. Both times called for [lipstick emoji]," Audrey explained in her Instagram story.
"Also thanks mom for saving this dress from when I was a girl. Got her so perfect for tonight."
The former LPBW star went to divulge that the black strapless dress that she wore in the photo was actually thrifted.
"I guess I inherited your saving side…because I also thrifted this dress in college from goodwill for a New Year's Eve party and still getting use 11 years later," Audrey wrote.
Many critics have slammed Audrey for putting makeup on her 5-year-old daughter.
Around Thanksgiving Audrey posted photos of Ember wearing heavy red lipstick to her Instagram story.
Ember performed as a part of an ensemble in a ballet recital of The Nutcracker and the costume called for ruby-colored lips.
Even though Ember's cosmetically coated lips were for the performance, many critics thought it was too much for her young age.
One wrote on Reddit: "Ember is SO young but no need for makeup! She's too young."
Another added: "Isn't she like 5? This is so inappropriate."
Lately Audrey and Jeremy have been getting shade for how they run their household.
Back in late November critics downplayed the couple's choice to put-up a massive 16-foot Christmas tree for their children in their home.
Jeremy captioned an Instagram video of the tree: "We decided last minute to get a monster tree – because why not. The kids aren’t getting younger."
After the father-of-two posted the clip many fans criticized the tree for potentially being dangerous as well as being over-the-top.
"Got to make everything a damn spectacle and show. They have no idea about real-life issues," one Reddit user wrote.
Other fans accused the married couple's Christmas tree decision of being more about them opposed to their kids.
"The kids are going to remember mom’s narcissism and how their parents made everything more difficult than it has to be," one person wrote.
Another critic slammed: "Oh for Pete's sake just drag it to your door like normal people."

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