Ryan Reynolds Is "Kind Of Hoping" For A Fourth Daughter And Admits He's A Total "Girl Dad" – Evie Magazine

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were in separate relationships when they acted in their first movie together, Green Lantern. They were seen together at Comic Con in 2010 but Ryan was still married to Scarlett Johansson and Blake was still dating Penn Badgley. But less than a year later, after Ryan divorced Scarlett and Blake broke up with Penn, they were seen leaving Ryan's apartment in the early morning. That's when the rumors started that they were a couple. In September 2012 they were married, and fast forward to today—they have three daughters, James, 7, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3.
The happy couple announced that they're expecting baby number four in September at the Forbes Power Women's Summit. Blake wore a mini sequined dress with a white bow around the collar and her baby bump was clearly visible. Ryan appeared on the Today Show to promote his new movie Spirited and he told host Jenna Bush Hager that he and Blake never find out the gender of their child until the baby is born. Jenna asked if it will be another girl and he responded, "I don't know! We never find out till… I know girls, so I'm kind of hoping that, but I'm ready for whatever happens!" Ryan shares that he grew up in a house full of boys.
"[I have] all brothers, which is why I speak from experience, when, you know… I love my wellbeing, and my home, so I was the youngest of four, and we were just arsonists and firemen," he joked.
"Now you're the ultimate girl dad," Jenna responded.
"Yes!" Ryan agreed.
Blake has said before that becoming a mom of three girls has helped her feel "more confident" in her own skin than ever before. She said in an interview with Forbes that she never "felt more myself or at ease in my own body." Of course she still harbors insecurities like anyone else, but she says she feels "incredibly settled."
A couple months ago, Blake shared some personal photos documenting her pregnancy, while also calling out the paparazzi for creepily waiting outside her home to grab a picture of her baby belly.
"Here are photos of me pregnant in real life so the 11 guys waiting outside my home for a 🦄 sighting will leave me alone. You freak me and my kids out. Thanks to everyone else for all the love and respect and for continuing to unfollow accounts and publications who share photos of children. You have all the power against them. And thank you to the media who have a 'No Kids Policy,'" she wrote in the caption.


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