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These stylish characters will have you staring at your switch, mesmerized by their detail, personality, and character design.
The ninth generation of Pokemon has arrived in the form of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Despite some hiccups at launch, Scarlet and Violet are flying off shelves and delighting hardcore Pokemon fans with adorable Pokemon and a diverse open world. The Pokemon are great, and both games have their unique aesthetics, but most of the characters are the same across both games.
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Many fans have already professed their undying love for the professors and gym leaders, so it’s time to pick out the most well-designed ones. The best character designs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet might just be some of the best Pokemon characters of all time.
Penny is a private and mysterious underclassman you meet early on in the game before you even make it in the door of the Pokemon academy. She’s closed off, and for good reasons, as you’ll find out throughout the game.
The school uniform doesn’t seem to apply to her somehow, but no one’s complaining about her fun outfit, adorable Eevee backpack, and flawless color-block dye job. Penny feels like a throwback to an alternative fashion-dipped era that was never a phase; it was a way of life.
The thing that’s the most starkly different between Scarlet and Violet, besides the cover Pokemon, are the professors leading a research effort into an ancient crater. Professor Sada, from Pokemon Scarlet, matches the game’s ancient vibe with her furry, fantasy-barbarian-style outfit.
Professor Turo, from Pokemon Violet, has more of a futuristic Tron look to him with his bodysuit and slicked-back hair. Whichever version you choose to start with, you’re getting a main professor that’s well-designed and very serious about the science behind the Paldean region’s ancient lore.
A Team Star crew boss and one of the most energetic and enthusiastic characters in the game, Giacomo is effortlessly cool. He is a music enthusiast and a self-proclaimed DJ who lovingly hand-crafted Team Star’s theme music.
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Giacomo’s design perfectly represents how most players wish they could dress in the game. Even his coat looks like it’s from an entirely different school. The matching snapback, kicks, and backpack is a nice touch in addition to the Team Star and Pokemon-themed DJ equipment he totes around.
Nobody likes getting up and going to school, especially in a video game, but having a great teacher makes it a lot easier. Raifort, the history teacher at Naranja or Uva academy, is the very definition of an educator. When you picture someone that’s a teacher, she’s pretty much the exact image that would come to mind.
Her outfit is vintage with a contemporary flair, and there isn’t a single hair out of place on her head despite an intentionally messy updo. It helps that her class is also one of the easier ones.
The Fighting-type Team Star boss, Eri, is one heck of a competitor who’s out for vengeance. This former class queen sports a cheerleader-looking outfit, and some Superbowl Night-level face paint that’s as intimidating as it is impressive.
She may look like she’s ready to throw down at all times, but she’s one of the more levelheaded and sincere Team Star leaders and cares deeply about her friends and her Pokemon. Now, she just needs to drop a makeup tutorial because that is a very fierce look.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet put a big focus and emphasis on food. Sandwiches, sushi, restaurants, ice cream stands, food is everywhere. Kofu, the Water-type gym leader, is a chef who takes his battling and his cooking very seriously. This comes across well in his design, too.
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The waving, nautical appearance of his hair and outfit combine with the overall big-head-chef vibe he sports in perfect harmony. If you were hoping to look upon the face of the perfect man, feast your eyes on Chef Kofu and his two sets of eyebrows.
Rika is a member of the Elite Four and the ninth-generation Pokemon character that embodies a JRPG vibe the most. Cool, suave, and collected, Rika has no time for dealing with flashy fashion and fancy outfits. She’s keeping it simple and classy with a tailored half-suit and a pair of tasteful suspenders.
A skinny tie and Pokemon trainer gloves complete the look and complement Rika’s long, sweeping hair. Sometimes less is more, and Rika is nailing that androgynous minimalism in every possible way.
Mela, the Fire-type Team Star boss, is as fiery and intense as her looks. Mela has one of the flashiest outfits in the game, especially those giant flaming goth boots she’s somehow walking around comfortably in.
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Mela's hardcore style in the game is a far cry from her former cutesy and conservative self, but she’s making it work for her. Her flame-like hair and violent punk style may be intimidating, but she’s still the same old Mela on the inside that her friends on Team Star all know and love.
The rap-battling leader of the Montenevera Ghost-type gym, Ryme, is unbelievably stylish. It’s not hard to picture her touring all of Paldea and beyond, performing for millions. Her gym test showcases her abilities on stage and in battle, and her outfit exudes class and talent.
The black and gold getup looks like it came straight off the rack from a store no one can afford, and it’s perfectly coordinated. Her younger sister, the math teacher and former gym leader Tyme, is already pretty cool, but she still doesn’t come close to Ryme’s design and energy.
The Supercharged Streamer is here to send shockwaves as the Electric-type gym leader in Levincia. This social media-influencing mogul is decked out in asymmetrical gear with some very stylish robotic accents. Her candy-colored hair takes up more space than her entire body does, and she sports two adorable mini-Magnemites on top of her head.
Whether the Magnemites adorning her big bubbly hairdo are accessories, living Pokemon, or hair shaped very carefully, we may truly never know. Still, Iono is perfect in every way and should never change.
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