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If you want thicker, bolder eyelashes but don’t want to spend a ton of money to get them, e.l.f. Cosmetics has got your back. The brand’s two most recent mascara launches — Lash It Loud and Big Mood — are both of the volumizing variety and cost less than $9 a tube.
While Lash It Loud and Big Mood promise noticeable, statement-making volume, they each have their unique differences and specialities. To help you make the best choice between the two mascaras, I put each formula to the test. Keep scrolling to see how they compare and to learn more about their specific lash benefits.
The Formula
The Lash It Loud Mascara ($6), which launched later in 2020, was designed with a rich, dark pigment to deliver impressive volume to the lashes, therefore making them appear thicker, fuller, and longer.
The Wand
This mascara has a thin and flexible silicone brush with teeny-tiny horizontal and vertical bristles. These bristles cover the entire surface area of the brush. There are even tiny bristles on the top of the brush which are meant to help you target those difficult-to-reach lashes (like in the inner corners!) and bottom lashes.

The Review
This mascara does a fantastic job of separating and bringing volume to each individual lash. I felt like I could apply several coats without having to worry about clumping at all because the silicone bristles aren’t overloaded with too much pigment. The tiny bristles at the top of the brush were especially helpful in defining my lower lashes. I didn’t have to clean up any smears or smudges afterwards, either.
Overall, my eyelashes definitely looked significantly bolder, fuller, and even a little longer than when they were bare, but they still had a more natural vibe.
The Formula
The Big Mood Mascara ($7) is the newest mascara launch from e.l.f. Cosmetics. As its name suggests, it’s designed to amp up your eyelashes with intense, dramatic volume. In addition to plumping the lashes for a fuller look, the jojoba-oil-infused formula lifts and curls each individual lash. The mascara is available in two shades: Black and Pitch Black.
The Wand
The Big Mood Mascara wand has a thick, fluffy, hourglass-shaped brush with tiny intertwined bristles, which are meant to catch hold of, separate, and define individual lashes with the intense pigment. The brand recommends starting at the root of the lashes and moving the brush in a zig-zag fashion all the way through the ends.

The Review
While both e.l.f. Cosmetics’ mascaras deliver in the volume department, the Big Mood Mascara provides more of a dramatic, falsies-like result. It pairs well with statement eyeshadow too. When I wear this mascara, I feel like my lashes look more plumped and fluttery. The curling and lifting claim is also legit. While I’m sure using a lash curler would enhance the effect, I don’t feel like I need to use one when I’m wearing the Big Mood Mascara. The curve of the hourglass-shaped brush also makes it easier to target the root of the lashes before sweeping the pigment up.
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