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Now’s your chance to try the buzzy lash serum that everyone’s talking about.
When it comes to doubling down on adding volume and length to your lashes, there are many temporary solutions you can arrive at, like mascara or lash extensions. Conversely, lash serums can promote stronger, healthier-looking lashes in the long run, so you may not need to rely on said temporary solutions as much. Grande Cosmetics makes one of the most popular lash serums in the country — on Amazon alone, it has over 25,000 five-star ratings — and they’ve included it in their Ulta-exclusive Lash Luggage Set, which is currently on sale for just $48 until December 15. The limited-edition kit normally costs $69 and contains $100 worth of products, including the brand’s lash conditioner and mini mascaras. The catch? December 15 is fast approaching, so if you want to snag the set at the reduced price, you’ll want to act quickly.
Grande Cosmetics may have humble beginnings, but its products are well worth trying — just ask Brooke Shields. The founder and CEO, Alicia Grande, first started Grande Cosmetics in 2008, working from her bedroom and shipping her lash serum to customers out of her garage. These days, Grande Cosmetics sells over 40 products through retailers like Amazon, Sephora, and Ulta, has over 250,000 followers on Instagram, and counts numerous celebrities, beauty editors, and makeup artists as fans. If you’ve been eager to try their best-selling product — their lash serum, which retails at $68 for a full-size bottle — now is definitely the time.
Here’s what you’ll get in the Lash Luggage Set, which was created with Ulta to offer consumers a special deal to celebrate the holiday season:
GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum: This full-size lash-enhancing serum contains peptides and amino acids that work synergistically to help promote the appearance of longer, stronger lashes. According to the brand, this serum is ophthalmologist-tested and safe for sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers, and people with lash extensions. This tube contains a three-month supply, which, according to the brand’s website, should be around the time you see this serum’s full effects.
GrandeREPAIR Leave-In Lash Conditioner: This mini-size conditioner swipes on as simply as mascara, but it works to nourish and soften your lashes and reduce the risk of lash fallout. It’s made with the brand’s proprietary Widelash complex, which includes ingredients like glycerin, panthenol, and peptides. Think of it as a hair mask, but for your lashes.
GrandeMASCARA Conditioning Peptide Mascara: Although this product comes in a mini bottle, its effects are mighty, thanks to peptides and panthenol that help fortify and moisturize brittle lash hairs. This mascara is great for both daytime and nighttime wear, thanks to its buildable, water-resistant formula that adds both length and curl. In addition, this mascara is ophthalmologist-tested and safe for contact lens wearers.
GrandeMASCARA Waterproof Conditioning Peptide Mascara: If you love everything about the Conditioning Peptide Mascara but need something that’ll work with your active lifestyle, the mini-size Waterproof Conditioning Peptide Mascara is for you. It contains the same key ingredients, but it won’t melt off during a sweaty workout session or if you get caught in the rain.
GrandeDRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara with Castor Oil: This product is ideal for those who prefer a more dramatic thickening result from their mascara, but don’t worry: it’s designed not to clump. The formula is enriched with castor oil, which supports healthy hair follicles and gives your lashes an immediate glossy effect.
You’ve got until December 15 to try these best-selling lash products at a rare discount. Shop the set through Ulta, below.
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