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90 Day Fiancé Yara reveals new hair and a face sans makeup. Fans are even quick to point out that she looks very different than she did when we first met her. and while some people say she is too obsessed with appearance, we have some context. She is pretty much alone now in America, and is having problems fitting in and finding a squad. Furthermore, she is from the Ukraine, which is currently undergoing massive changes. In other words, she has a lot on her plate.
Maybe she just wanted a makeover so could feel herself a bit and feel less alone. In the same breath, some people are concerned she won’t know when to stop. All it takes is one bad procedure to make you look like a gargoyle. While she has been lucky so far, that luck can change at any time. We do want to give her some props, though. Taking a pic without filters and makeup is kind of as big step for her.

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Known for her luscious blonde hair, Yara sports a perfect doll-like appearance in all of her outfits. She decided to do a little makeover with her locks as the year comes to an end. In her Instagram stories, 90 Day Fiancé celeb Yara showed off her pretty hair, with new nails, and her glowing face after a facial. Yara then reposted a story from a salon that showed her fresh hair transformation. Yara confessed the hair made her feel like a mermaid. The hair expert (@kellygourgeothair), who originally posted Yara’s pictures showing Jovi Dufren’s wife without any makeup and no filter at all, also explained what they had done to the reality TV star’s hair. Yara wore a beige-colored top with matching leggings and an overshirt for her salon appointment. She showcased a clear, bare-face look as she innocently smiled for the camera through her layers of new wavy curls.
90 Day Fiancé Yara reveals new hair and a face sans makeup. We hate to tell you this again, but we hella respect a glow up. It’s a simple way to hack your life and feel a little better. We also hope she knows she looks great and doesn’t feel the need to keep getting work done. But we aren’t here to cast any stones. Yara did Yara for a bit.
Like we said that earns our fleeting respect.
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