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Pia Velasco is a New York-based beauty reporter with over 10 years in the industry. She joined InStyle as Senior Beauty Editor in 2021.
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The new year marks the perfect opportunity to start fresh. Whether you decide to set an ambitious goal to reset your lifestyle or opt to change your look by going platinum blonde. Regardless, January first is an ideal time to look to the future and all the exciting things it may hold.
Beauty-wise, the new year marks a slew of opportunities to try out new looks. Yes, we’re talking hair colors, nail art, and hairstyles — but let’s not forget about the great and creative world that comes with color cosmetics. There are endless opportunities for self-expression and joy that come from lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, concealers, and more. Your face is a canvas, and it’s the perfect playground to color on.
So, we tapped three leading celebrity makeup artists to share their makeup trend predictions for 2023. From delicate gemstones and luminescent skin to graphic eyeshadow and bold lips, there's a trend for everyone. Discover the top 10, below.

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Sparkles and shimmer galore! “Playing with texture, sparkle, and embellishments is a major trend that is on the rise and will continue to be seen on and off the red carpet as we head into 2023,” predicts celebrity makeup artist and founder of BAKEUP Beauty, Jo Baker.
She says that gemstones, in particular, are a gorgeous way to add a subtle touch of sparkle to any look as "they embody a unique sense of individuality and are the perfect tool to elevate your look and stand out in any setting."
Use them as you wish — around your eyes, as embellished freckles, or to contour your lips for a splashy effect. Alternatively, you can pair the with a bold black eyeliner — as seen in this look above that Baker did on Lucy Boynton. "The gems have a stardust-like feel while remaining elegant and classy," she says of the above.
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You don’t need liquid eyeliner to create a graphic, high-impact look. Keita Moore, a celebrity makeup artist and Maybelline brand ambassador says he’s been having so much fun experimenting with bolder shadows with my clients using shadows. “It is a great way to create a focal point and experiment with fine detail work in such a small area.”
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Skinimalism took the beauty world by the storm as people ditched their 12-step routines en masse and exchanged it for a more simplified version. Now, the skincare trend meets color cosmetics as people opt for a more minimal makeup look.
“I see cleaner skin retuning in early 2023 and a strong lean towards a more natural coverage and techniques,” confirms celebrity makeup artist and CHANEL Beauty Brand Ambassador, Tasha Reiko Brown. “While ‘baking’ and contouring have taken a more relaxed approach in recent times, I see the trends totally disappearing in favor of a less sculpted approach that really respects the natural contours and shape of the face. Coverage will be lighter. Blush and shadow textures will be more seamless. Cut creases on eyes will relax. Overall, just a return to clean simple beauty that amplifies the natural face structure with softer tones. Not necessarily nudes, but just beautiful washes of color and overall, a very relaxed makeup feel.” 
To get the look, she suggests taking an "as needed only" approach. Instead of using blush and bronzer to sculpt, she says it's used to bring color and sun to the skin. Furthermore, Reiko Brown says to apply soft color washes onto the eyes, lipstick with blurred edges (so skipping the lip liner), and using mascara for depth.
Blush has been making a comeback for a while, with trends such as “sunburn blush” and “blush draping” reigning supreme on red carpets and IRL — and it’s a staple that will continue into the new year.
“I feel as though a pop of color using blush is the perfect way to add color back into your skin, giving you a beautiful soft finish,” says Moore, who recommends the TikTok viral Maybelline Fit Me Blush for a bold yet soft finish.
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"Leaning into spring, I see a strong resurgence of coral and watermelon tones," predicts Reiko Brown. The pinks and sheer reds of last year have been replaced by slightly more unexpected shades in tones of coral and watermelon in all textures from vinyl glossy, satin, matte, and stains."
Since these shades pop, she likes to focus the shades on either the lip or eyes and keep the rest of the face somewhat bare or awash in barely-there shades in the same color family. "For a truly unexpected take on these tones, try a watermelon lip with a high gloss vinyl shine," the makeup artist adds.
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As previously alluded to, we love a simplified routine. As such, we're elated that Baker predicts that multi-use makeup products will trend in the new year as people opt to streamline their makeup routines.
"Cheek balms are becoming one of the hottest makeup trends for 2023 as they can enhance your lips as well as your cheeks. With a magical glow on the cheeks and lips, effortless glamour is achieved in a flash," says Baker. "Pink neon flares paired with a juicy red tint lip encompasses the essence of endless creativity." 
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With a highly pigmented eyeliner and a creative eye, the eye makeup options are endless. While Moore knows that graphic eyeliner isn't exactly a new trend, he says he's been enjoying finding new ways to show off eye shapes with more graphics.
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Going off of graphic liner, Baker says encourages us to "step into the futuristic fantasy with vibrant pops of neon that will catch any crowd."
"Now, more than ever, people are leaning towards things that make them feel good which includes neon’s, energy, and spirit," she explains. "This trend thrives on electric vibes and is the ultimate way to make a major statement while having fun and expressing your creativity."
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Come summer 2023, Reiko Brown predicts pastels will return with a refreshing, modern approach. "Not chalky nor too sweet, these pastels have presence. They are more warm toned pastels, so they work for any skin tone and age group," she elaborates.
For this trend, she likes to use pastels a clean wash over the eyes and leave the rest of the face awash in tones of the same color family or harmony. "For the bold, pack the color on with a tightly bristled eyeshadow brush and smooth out edges," she suggests. "For the timid, a light wash of pastel over the eyes will do. Finish with two coats of strong mascara."
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The ever-classic bold lip will be even more present in 2023 than it currently does. "I have been using bolder darker lip colors on my clients and using less product on the complexion side — 2023 is all about a pop of color ," says Moore of the trend.


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