Three ways to change your skincare routine this winter –

As winter approaches, we’re all making changes in our lives – from getting the jumpers out to drinking hot chocolate out of Christmas mugs. 
But a big change we often forget to make is how we look after our skin.
Changing up your skincare to adapt to the winter months is something to consider – from the types of moisturisers you use, to what products to be taken out until the warmer months.
Winter can bring dry skin – so act accordingly 
Winter can ‘bring dryness and dehydration’, according to Charlotte Terling, head of product development at Estrid
‘Any skin type can struggle during the winter, with the colder weather, lower humidity and indoor heat all taking its toll on our body’s complexion,’ she tells
‘With an extra little TLC during the harsher months, a quality skincare routine can go a long way in nourishing your skin and helping to maintain a healthy glow throughout the season.’ 
She recommends using a moisturiser containing squalene. As well as that, regular but gentle exfoliation can help clear skin from oil and dead skin cells – which are all responsible for the appearance of flaky skin, especially in the winter. 
‘In the winter, your skin is begging for a self-care routine that incorporates both exfoliation and moisturisation,’ Charlotte tells
‘Regular exfoliation will lead to softer, smoother and more radiant skin – this will ultimately allow you to moisturise more effectively, as sealing in hydration will help nourish and soothe the skin.’ 
If you’re unsure how to do this, Charlotte recommends using Estrid’s All Glow’d Up Sugar Scrub in the shower.
Try to use multipurpose products to save money 
Some products on the market are designed with more than one purpose that all complement each other – this means you can get the most out of your skincare without breaking the bank this winter.
According to dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto, there’s no problem with using a face cleanser on your body too if you’re battling the same problems. 
‘If you are prone to chest and back acne, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t use your face washes and products that you would use on your face.
‘Use face washes containing active ingredients like salicylic acid, niacinamide or zinc to wash your chest and back as well,’ Dr Anjali Mahto says.
Whilst they all sound fancy, they are in fact quite common ingredients in today’s high street clear skin brands.’
One example of suitable products is Purifide’s Blackhead Control Deep Exfoliating Cleanser with 2% Salicylic Acid. It can be used on the face, back and body to treat acne concerns. 
Don’t forget your SPF, even in the winter
Suncream might remind you of hot weather and summer holidays, but it’s recommended to wear it throughout winter too. 
According to skincare brand Dermalogica, around 3.7 million UK adults say they don’t do anything to protect their skin when the sun is strong in the UK. 
Yet, science says that ultraviolet rays are present at the same strength from dusk till dawn all year round, and even penetrate cloud cover, meaning skin damage can occur in the colder months too.
‘To adequately protect skin from UV rays, opt for a high or very high level of protection with SPF30 or SPF50 formulas,’ says Victoria Evans, education manager at Dermalogica tells
‘Also, look for ‘broad spectrum’ defence which means the formula will defend from both UVA and UVB.’
She recommends using around ½ teaspoon of sunscreen to the face and neck as the last step in your morning regime – which should be enough for the winter months.
SPF also ensures that the rest of your skincare remains active and doesn’t damage your skin.
Powerful anti-ageing ingredients such as retinoids, glycolic acid and other AHA products need protection from the sun to work effectively. 
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‘Many active ingredients are included in more expensive serums and treatments,’ she tells
Victoria adds: ‘If you’re spending more on active products but not adequately protecting your skin during the day with SPF, you are wasting your money and undoing the work of your actives by UV exposure.
‘There is also potential to make issues worse as the actives can make the skin more vulnerable to damage.’
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