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Photo Credit: ShutterstockWhen one thinks of healthy skin, they think of their dermatologist, beauty influencer, a friend, or a family member that always manages to have their skin glowing. In light of National Healthy Skin Month and our envy of all who have picture-perfect skin, we decided to run to our Haute Beauty skin experts to find out how they have maneuvered their dry, oily, or combination skin to be at its very prime.
Skin type: Oily acne prone skin
Trick to glowing skin: My favorite trick for getting skin to glow are frequent low-downtime laser procedures. I love to rotate a combination of baby Fraxel, laser genesis, and Hollywood peel treatments on a monthly basis. Each of these targets the skin in a unique way to improve the quality of your skin with very little downtime.
Products used: I love using CereVe foaming facial cleanser and La Roche Posay makes a great moisturizer for oily skin
Products avoided: Thicker ointments tend to give me more breakouts.
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Skin type: Dry skin
Trick to glowing skin: The one thing I do for my skin when it needs a pick me up is a Laser Genesis treatment. It just makes my skin GLOW! A 1064nm laser, it’s safe for my skin type and has no downtime. The energy from the laser smooths out texture, plumps my skin to reduce pore size, and stimulates collagen production long term. It’s one of my favorite things to do before an event and as monthly maintenance. 
It’s cliche, but cliche for a reason. Diet and sleep affect our skin so much! If I eat clean, with lots of Vitamin C in my diet, get a sweat session three times a week, and sleep well, my skin is clear and glowing. Not doing these things and my skin will be sallow and lifeless, despite all the creams! A healthy lifestyle is an essential foundation for healthy skin.
Products used: What works for me is adjusting my routine based on weather, stress, and lifestyle. I use gentle cleansers (my favorite is CeraVe Hydrating) and Skin Medicinals compounded tretinoin cream three times a week. My skin stays happy with glycolic acid for exfoliation (a few times a week) and a monthly Laser Genesis treatment.
Products avoided: I have to be careful with the amount of acids I incorporate into my routine. Too many AHAs, plus ascorbic acid, plus tretinoin, will give me irritation. What makes me break out is peptide creams! I haven’t found a formula that agrees with my skin for some reason.
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Skin type: Dry skin
Trick to glowing skin:  Skincare is a strong passion of mine and I find following a routine to be the key to my healthy skin. I try to avoid dairy and coffee throughout the day as I noticed that it can at times, cause an acne breakout. My evening routine consists of removing makeup with micellar water and washing my face with a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil. I then apply tretinoin to my face every night at bedtime. Tretinoin is an important part of my skin-care routine as it encourages cell turnover and reduces acne scars and fine lines.
Products used: My skincare routine consists of waking up and using my sodium sulfacetamide (prescription sulfur) cleanser. I then use my SkinCeuticals phloretin CF, which is a triple antioxidant serum that protects the skin from environmental damage. I have noticed with the phloretin, my skin tone and texture have improved significantly. I then pat dry my face and apply my La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer. This moisturizer works best for me as it has ceramides. 
I believe the most important ingredient in a moisturizer is ceramides. Ceramides function to create a sheath of protection or a barrier to prevent permeability. With this action, ceramides are beneficial for your skincare because of their ability to lock moisture into the skin, preventing dryness and irritation. Moreover, ceramides in your skin care products can also help in protecting your skin from environmental damage. Since ceramides are moisture-locking, they can boost skin hydration and can even have anti-aging effects. I then apply EltaMD UV clear sunscreen and touch up every 3-4 hours. 
Products avoided: My least favorite skincare product is benzoyl peroxide because it can be very irritating and burn if the percentage is too high or if it’s left too long on the skin. It can also ruin clothing. I don’t mind it as a cleanser, though.
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Skin type: Sensitive, combination skin (oily on the T-zone and dry in surrounding areas), rosacea-prone.
Trick to glowing skin: I like to stick with a skincare routine that is tailored for my skin based on the environment and on my actual skin type during that time. For glow, I love to use glycolic acid 2 times weekly, retinol nightly or as tolerated and ingredients such as azelaic acid, tranexamic acid, and niacinamide which give me brightening. These peptides will make my lines less noticeable. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that I use every morning. My number one friend for long-term glow is sunscreen. I personally prefer tinted mineral sunscreen, but any sunscreen that works well on your skin and with your lifestyle is what matters. 
Products used: Most products for hydration work well; fragrance-free is a must with my skincare products. I look for non-comedogenic products as well since I break out easily.
Products avoided: Chemical sunscreen tends to do that, certain types are worse than others, and that’s why I stick with mineral sunscreens on a daily basis. I have some chemical sunscreens that work well with my skin; those are the ones I use for my body and my face when I don’t have mineral sunscreen available. 
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Skin type: Dry skin
Tricks to glowing skin: There are a few tricks that I like for any skin: good night’s sleep, good skincare routine, and sun avoidance. I don’t like soapy cleansers and I don’t like to exfoliate too much since my skin is dry for the most part and is very sensitive. Too much cleansing and exfoliation disrupt the skin barrier and damage my skin.
Products used:  A good moisturizer. I like “high-tech” moisturizers with modern anti-aging ingredients such as growth factors, peptides, green algae, and Hyaluronic acid.
Products avoided: I usually don’t use gel-like products for my skin that don’t get absorbed well.  I don’t like heavy, thick sunscreens. I can’t use any irritating products containing AHA/BHA in higher concentrations. If I need something like that, I would use it in a very low concentration to avoid any irritation. My preference is Phytic acid since it’s much less irritating with less downtime.
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