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From picky Virgos to dramatic Leos, every star sign will love these hair, skin, and makeup ideas.
You know your bestie through and through, and considering all you’ve been through together, the task of buying them the perfect holiday gift should be a breeze, right? If only. Somehow, your close bond can make the adventure of holiday gift shopping extra tricky—you want to get them something that’s guaranteed to thrill.
Here’s the no-fail solution: Look to your BFF’s zodiac sign and choose a gift set from Sephora that aligns with their astro vibe. Whether you’re shopping for the perfectionist Virgo in your life, your favorite adventure-seeking Sagittarius, or a hard-working Capricorn, we’ve plucked a beauty bundle that’ll earn you major bestie points.
Fierce, alluring, and reliable are ways we’d describe both a Scorpio and a cat-eye look. Help the former achieve the latter with this kit from ILIA, which includes mascara, two powder eye shadow tints, and a perfectly inky black liquid eyeliner.
Eager to take on the world and tackle their goals, Aries are forever on the go-go-go. Whether they’re mingling at happy hour, crossing off every to-do on their list, or indulging in their wanderlust tendencies, they’ll stay on top of their beauty game with the help of the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Holiday Set. It includes both a primer and setting spray so their makeup remains flawless—no matter what the day brings.
The purpose-driven Aquarius is always coming up with ways to do good—whether that’s volunteering in their community or committing to an eco-friendly, clean beauty routine. This assortment of beauty goodies with the Clean at Sephora seal will be right at home in their medicine cabinet. The set features products from Biossance, Rose Inc, ILIA, Caudalie, Milk Makeup, and Saei that meet Sephora’s criteria by being free of certain ingredients that could be harmful to human health or the environment.
Known for their practicality, impeccable organization skills, and perfectionist tendencies, a Virgo is exactly the kind of person who doesn’t want to deal with a single stray hair or split end. Enter: Olaplex’s Hair Repair Treatment Set, a four-piece kit that creates smooth and shiny strands.
Geminis are curious, playful, outgoing babes who can adapt to any environment, though they tend to get bored easily. With plenty of shades and finishes to choose from, this set of two eyeshadow palettes will hold their interest while helping them shape shift for various social settings.
Capricorns will work toward their goal until it’s 100% in the bag, so there’s no doubt they deserve a vacation to let loose and relax. With its delicious, summery scent, this jumbo body cream isn’t exactly a plane ticket, but it will help transport them to a sandy oasis in their mind. Plus, it comes with a cute surfboard-shaped spatula to make application easy.
Queens of their comfort zone, Taureans are all-in on anything that starts with “rou” and ends in “tine.” An evening ritual utilizing skincare ingredients rooted in science–like retinol—is exactly what this sign craves. This three-piece kit from celebrity esthetician Shani Darden’s line includes a cleansing serum, retinol treatment, and moisturizer.
Cancers are natural-born homebodies who can watch the same movie on repeat (and ugly cry at that one scene every. damn. time). A nested night in sounds is their ideal way to spend their time, especially if it involves indulging in self-care treatments. K18’s Molecular Hair Repair Value Set presses reset on damaged strands and will leave your bestie’s hair looking gorgeous and strong.
There’s not a weekend that goes by when your fave Sagittarius isn’t knee-deep in some sort of new and wild adventure. If they’re not actively exploring, they’re probably putting pen to paper to plan something grand. Sunday Riley’s Morning Buzz Vitamin C Trio helps shield their skin from free radicals so they can explore the world without dulling their glow.
A dramatic hair flip is big Leo energy, so gifting them a set that’ll keep their mane looking shampoo-commercial-worthy is a smart choice. Leo is also ruled by the Sun, which makes the glow-y/honey vibe of Gisou’s Honey Infused Hydration Hair Set particularly on point. The kit includes four travel-sized products to intensely nourish, hydrate, and seal in moisture.
Notorious for having trouble making up their mind, romantic Libras do not want to be asked to choose a signature scent. Instead, gift them a set of two lush floral options. This one contains Flowerbomb—a fresh, feminine perfume with notes of cattleya, jasmine, and rose—and Good Fortune—a sweet and creamy fragrance with notes of jasmine and bourbon vanilla.
The empathetic, sensitive Pisces always has your back in tough times. Give back to them with this three-step Cicapair routine that soothes their skin in the same way they calm your emotions. Each product contains centella asiatica, an ingredient known for its healing, calming, and moisturizing properties.


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