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If you’re one of the millions of people with stretch marks—congrats! You’re completely normal. “Stretch marks are common and harmless,” Birmingham, Alabama–based dermatologist and founder of Founder of Skin Wellness Dermatology, Corey L. Hartman, says. “Although, many people do not like the look of them.” Stretch marks appear on the body when skin expands or contracts rapidly, which most commonly occurs from pregnancy, rapid weight loss or gain, and puberty. “When the skin quickly changes, it causes a disruption in collagen and elastin, which act as the building blocks for renewed skin, and this manifests as stretch marks,” he says.
The bottom line: Stretch marks are scars, so most solutions can help to fade the scar, but cannot completely rid the mark. Creams that have skin-loving ingredients like vitamin A and E (the former promotes the growth of new collagen and elastin, while the later hydrates and heals skin) will smooth and replenish skin overtime, which contributes to minimizing the stripes. Ahead, the 16 skin-loving formulas that can help deeply moisturize and fade stretch marks.
Technically, this is an oil–but it’s tried-and-true for minimizing the appearance of stretch marks and scars. The lightweight, fast-absorbing formula has sunflower oil to moisturize, vitamin A to help with cell turnover and to smooth, and chamomile oil and lavender oil, which are anti-inflammatory.
Customer Review:
“I used this years ago and just purchased it again. It helped get rid of my scars and stretch marks from my pregnancy.” -Kristen Georgis
Rosemary oil is known to help fade stretch marks, promote fluid movement, and tighten skin. This firming cream harnesses 9.5 percent of the powerful oil, alongside aloe vera and vitamin E.
This targeted cream for areas prone to stretch marks—such as the stomach, butt, and chest—gives an instant firming effect. Grape polyphenols (yes, like the antioxidant that’s in wine) tighten while shea butter leaves skin supple.
Customer Review:
“I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS ENOUGH! If you are looking to address KP/strawberry legs and cellulite, this is the only body cream that I can fully vouch for. As a former SkinFix loyalist.. Caudalie takes the cake hands down. Yes, it does have a very distinct perfumery smell that does tend to linger, but I personally don’t mind it as my legs have never felt this soft before. Even if you haven’t shaved your legs, they still feel smooth.” -Analou4
This pro cream targets the length, density, and width of stretch marks, while smoothing texture with lactic acid and soothing with ceramides and avocado oil.
Customer Review:
“So amazing. My stretch marks are out of control especially because I recently gained a lot of weight. This didn’t get rid of them but it definitely lightened them dramatically. I feel like they are healing better to. So happy!”- Ceraarec
Gentle, yet effective: This French body cream tightens skin with a licorice-derived acid and calms with centella asiatica (known for its soothing and healing properties). Bonus: It leaves your skin with a lightweight, clean scent.
Customer Review:
“After a month of use I’m already seeing results. My pregnancy stretch marks are starting to fade. No unpleasant scent is a huge plus. I also like the creams consistency. It’s very smooth and silky.” -Layalane
If a thick cream isn’t for you, try this milky serum that uses encapsulated retinol, alongside lactic and glycolic acid to rid dead skin cells that make stretch marks appear more prominently. The result: A brighter, smoother complexion all-over.
Customer Review:
“Exfoliate and moisturize is my motto. Slather allows me to do both at the same time. Now that’s a win win!” -Skay31
Tackle wrinkles and stretch marks in one formula with StriVectin’s smoothing moisturizer. The cream helps to increase the production of 10 types of skin-boosting collagen and will help fade the appearance of marks in four weeks.
Customer Review:
“I love this cream. It feels great on the skin, not greasy, smells wonderful but not overpowering. And… it works! I’ve been using on my face and hands and noticed, in particular, some small lines on my hands fading.” -Michelle H
Buttah, a line cbased on shea butter, is the perfect antidote to stretch marks. Slather this cream rich with African butters, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E, all over your body to cure dry skin and improve tone and texture.
This treatment earns points for pairing encapsulated retinol with plant-based squalane to renew skin without overdrying it.
This gel-to-oil topical is nourishing without being greasy courtesy of a baobab oil (rich in fatty acid) to soften stretch marks and repair skin. Plum oil and sweet almond oil leave the body with a light, nutty scent that is perfect for the colder months.
Customer Review:
“This oil is incredible, it goes on so smoothly and doesn’t rub off or feel greasy. It’s super soft and luxurious and at 22 weeks, still no stretch marks just health, soft belly skin. :)”- Emily R.
Rose is at the core of this velvety cream: Not only does it have a natural floral scent, but it contains rose stem cells to protect against environment pollution and reveal brighter skin.
Customer Review:
“Lasting moisture throughout the day with a light pleasant scent. Love this stuff!” -Lizz D.
Coffee, peppermint, ginger invigorate the skin to firm and address sagging everywhere from the legs to neck.
Customer Review:“More firm and radiant skin, doesn’t feel as loose” -Virgina
Give your skin TLC with this two-step nourishing system, which stars antioxidants pumpkin and pomegranate extract to reduce signs of damage, promote skin elasticity, and add suppleness. Plus, the addition of an oil atop a cream ensures moisture is locked in.
Augustinus Bader’s luxe body cream acts like Skims for your body: The brand’s patented TFC8® helps with cellular renewal while calming botanicals hydrate and calm skin.

Customer Review:
“This body cream is the best I’ve ever used. Feel a firmness and yet softness at the same time. Applies easily onto the skin. I love it!” – Jennifer M.
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion is the gold-standard for stretch mark solutions—for good reason. A powerhouse of simple-yet-effective ingredients—including argan oil, shea butter, and, of course, cocoa butter (the latter is packed with vitamin E)—help hydrate skin without leave a greasy cast.
Customer Review:
“My mom used to use this when pregnant with my siblings and never got a stretch mark. Now I’m pregnant and I use it daily and I don’t have any either so far. I also used this when I was a teenager and my breasts were changing due to birth control switching and I had horrible stretch marks. I used this cream and they disappeared like magic. I’ll never not buy this.” -Kadyn Omlid
Despite the name, this butter is packed with shea butter and sweet almond oil, making it perfect for anyone who wants to add hydration while addressing stretch marks.

Look for products that contain actives ot help renew the skin and moisturize. A derm-favorite duo: Vitamin A, which promotes the growth of new collagen and elastin, and vitamin E, which hydrates and has been shown to assist in the healing of wounds.

“Stretch marks are essentially scars and there is no way to truly get rid of scars, but there are numerous treatments that can greatly minimize the appearance of stretch marks,” Hartman says. For an expert-level solution, Hartman recommends Fraxel, a resurfacing laser that smooths the surface of skin.

Hartman suggests applying topicals twice daily. To stay consistent, apply a body treatment after applying your face lotion morning and evening.

If you are pregnant, check with your doctor before applying topical creams or undergoing an in-office procedure to ensure they are pregnancy-safe. And don’t forget to wear sunscreen. “Scar tissue is vulnerable to sun exposure and stretch marks can become more noticeable if they are exposed to the sun,” Hartman explains.


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