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The cold and gray days of winter have arrived—and we’re officially cozied up. But that also means we’ve entered the season of dry and irritated skin. As skin care enthusiasts, most of us are already prepared for those harsh and bitter temps with a full-on facial routine, but what about the rest of our body? 
We tend to forget that our whole body needs extra care this time of year, not just our face. So for our latest episode of the Beauty Breakdown, our beauty editor Alexandra Engler gives us a hydrating and luxurious whole-body care routine using NativaSPA’s Madagascar Vanilla Skin Soothing collection. Made with 100% pure quinoa oil—extracted through a unique patented process—this routine is one-of-a-kind. Quinoa oil has 30 times more omegas than coconut oil and more than twice the nutrients of both argan and almond oils. As you can imagine, this means more benefits, from firming action to antioxidant protection to deep moisture. This time of year is infamously hard on our skin—but with this body care ritual…winter doesn’t stand a chance.
Madagascar Vanilla Soothing Body Scrub
Madagascar Vanilla Soothing Body Oil
Madagascar Vanilla Soothing Body Lotion
Nativa SPA Gua-Sha Stone
Devon Barrow is a Branded Content Editor at mindbodygreen. She received her degree from the University of Colorado. When she’s away from her desk, Devon is teaching yoga, writing poetry, meditating, and traveling the world. She’s based in Boulder, Colorado.
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