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She even showed us her camera roll. đź‘€
Stassie Karanikolaou is one of Hollywood’s latest it-girls, and we’re taking notes. Thanks to her glam OOTDs,

YouTube vlogs, hilarious TikToks with her friends, and her new home collection with Home Goods, Stassie has become one to watch. The 25-year-old model has grown a dedicated following over the years, with 3.8 million followers on TikTok and 10.8 million on Instagram. If she hasn’t come across your For You Page yet, then you’ll probably recognize her from The Kardashians as she’s one of Kylie Jenner’s BFFs — they even released a makeup collab through Kylie Cosmetics earlier this year.
You won’t want to miss out on this edition of Seventeen Starter Pack as Stassie showed us all the things that make her, her. Stas has a knack for vintage items (seriously — she still swears by taking pics with a digital camera), and she even bedazzled a few of her daily essentials to give them a new life. Ahead, find everything Stassie Karanikolaou has in her Seventeen Starter Pack.
Y2K has made its return in beauty, fashion, and now, tech, thanks to the resurgence of digital cameras (did anyone else steal their mom’s and take a bunch of selfies when they were in middle school or was that just us?). As one of Gen Z’s leading it-girls, Stassie constantly keeps one around her wrist for nights out.
"I have a little charm on it that says ‘Stassie Baby’ so I know that it’s mine, ’cause me and all my friends have the same camera," Stassie explains to Seventeen. "My friends Sydney and Devon [Carlson] were the first people that, at least I remember, [got] this exact camera."
Stassie made Apple’s AirPod Max headphones her own by bedazzling them with silver gemstones. "Honestly, sometimes I just put these on because they’re noise canceling, so I just zone out," Stassie says, explaining that she uses them to listen to music or watch TV.
Of course, Stassie has to show out and support her BFF Kylie Jenner by using her brand’s products. On top of making her skin feel "soft and smooth," Stassie says that the lavender scent gets her "so many compliments."
"My grandma always told me how important it was to keep your skin moisturized, drink lots of water, and wear SPF," Stassie tells Seventeen. "So, I’m really big into things that are really moisturizing to the skin, to the lips, to the body, to my face — everything."
"I love my iPad, I bring it everywhere with me. I don’t really have a computer," Stassie says. "I love watching TV on it, I love doing emails on it, I like to write in my notes — just to-do lists and things that I need to get done."
A daily essential in Stassie’s starter pack is her vintage Louis Vuitton wallet that’s decked out with the brand’s iconic rainbow monogram. "This is kind of like, just my card holder that I take with me when I travel and I have my bigger wallet at home," she says, dishing that she has school photos of her little cousins and friends’ kids in her wallet.
Stassie loves being comfortable, so starting her own home collection, Stassie by Anastasia Karanikolaou makes sense for her next career move. "If you know me, you know my favorite thing to do is be cuddled up on the couch with my cat and a soft cozy blanket," Stassie shares. "So, obviously, I had to start my own bedding line to create my favorite cozy blankets and sheets."
"I don’t go anywhere without my passport, which a lot of people think I’m crazy for because they say you should keep it in a safe place," Stassie dishes. "But, you never know when someone’s gonna call you and say ‘I’m in New York right now, do you want to go to London tomorrow?’"
She revealed that she had once left her passport at home during a trip to Miami where a friend invited her to the Bahamas. "Never will I make that mistake again and I always have my passport with me."
Sunnies are essential for most people, but Stass says she frequents a black square style while she’s on the go.
Another thing Stassie carries with her is a journal because she likes to "write down [her] thoughts on paper" and reflect on how she was feeling in the moment that she wrote in her journal.
Would this really be Stassie’s Starter Pack if she didn’t have her collab with Kylie Cosmetics in it? She dished that her Kylie Cosmetics collection was "really fun to create" alongside her BFF because she learned about the process behind creating makeup.
"This lip shade specifically was a lot of fun because I knew what I envisioned… and I really just wanted it to be my natural lip color… just enhanced."
As she previously mentioned, Stassie loves her some SPF — especially Supergoop’s Glow Screen with SPF 40 since it gives a "nice, glowy sheen."
"I need to put sunscreen on at all times. Face, neck, chest, hands, always sunscreen, every day," she explains.
Like fellow Starter Pack star Nessa Barrett, Stassie loves chewing "nice, minty" gum and says she always has it on her.
Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment made quite an impression on the beauty community, including Stassie. She raves that it keeps her lips so moisturized as she layers it on top of her Kylie Lip Kit. The Salted Caramel flavor is her fave.
Aside from her headphones, Stassie also bedazzled her Hydro Flask Water Bottle. "It took me 12 hours to bedazzle my water bottle," Stassie shares. "I did it over the course of four or five days. I guess if you could take one thing away from today is that I have this weird obsession with anything sparkly and things that are bedazzled."
Sam is the editorial assistant at Seventeen, covering pop culture, celebrity news, health, and beauty. When she isn’t draping her cheeks in blush, you can probably find her live-tweeting awards shows or making SwiftToks.

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