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The brand achieves another first on the market – this time with the thinnest, OTC registered, clean hydrocolloid pimple patch to be worn with makeup
Peace Out Skincare / Acne Day Dot (Photo: Business Wire)
Peace Out Skincare / Acne Day Dot (Photo: Business Wire)
Model Wears Acne Day Dot with Makeup (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO–()–Peace Out Skincare, the #1 prestige acne brand at Sephora, cult-favorite, and leader in innovative skincare treatments, today announced their newest launch, Peace Out Acne Day Dot. Inspired by the brand’s best-selling Peace Out Acne Dot for overnight wear, Acne Day Dot is an ultra sheer version, designed for a virtually invisible daytime wear, either alone or underneath your favorite makeup. Acne Day Dot contains all the acne-fighting and healing ingredients as the hero Peace Out Acne Dots, the #1 Prestige pimple patch.

Acne Day Dot works to protect already-existing blemishes, while simultaneously helping to minimize additional breakouts in six hours or less. This first-ever makeup-friendly designed pimple patch in the market is 62% thinner than Peace Out Skincare’s original pimple patch, acting as the perfect daytime blemish solution that also pairs well with oil and some water-based makeup. Acne Day Dot promotes healing underneath any external elements, such as moisturizer or makeup, while helping to prevent daytime picking.
Peace Out Skincare’s Acne Day Dot is made with the brand’s proprietary clean ingredients and acne-fighting actives to directly target the infected pore on the skin, including Hydrocolloid Polymer Technology, Salicylic Acid, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, and Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A). The Hydrocolloid Polymer Technology extracts impurities from the skin and creates a barrier guarding against external elements. The Salicylic Acid penetrates the pores to decongest and help clear and heal blemishes. Aloe Vera Leaf Extract gently soothes the skin while minimizing redness and irritation, and an ester form of Retinol –Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A)- helps promote clearer-looking skin.
“Our customers kept asking us for a daytime pimple patch, one specifically that they could put makeup on, so we took apart our hero pimple patch removing the top layer and redesigned it with grooves to hold makeup, it’s pretty amazing,” said Enrico Frezza, founder and CEO, Peace Out Skincare. “The Day Dot is going to be everyone’s new go-to daytime pimple patch. Day Dot is clean, contains all the active and healing ingredients that made Acne Dots #1 to help minimize your pimple during the day and minimize your urge to pick your pimple.”
Recently, Peace Out Skincare reformulated the hydrocolloid in the brand’s products to create a fully clean skincare brand, and by doing so, created the first-ever clean patch on the market. Founder and CEO Enrico Frezza worked for more than two years with his expert research and development team to reformulate hydrocolloid ensuring Peace Out’s hero products of acne dots and pore strips are clean for consumers. Hydrocolloid Polymer technology, found in Peace Out’s award-winning and patented acne dots and patent pending pore strips, helps extract impurities and guards against skin irritation by creating a breathable barrier for optimal healing conditions. This innovative technology has earned the brand Sephora’s clean seal of approval, the retailer’s designation that signals to consumers which products meet specific criteria around transparency, formulation and ingredients.
This first-ever clean makeup-friendly pimple patch is the latest innovation from Peace Out, who continues to help consumers bring peace to their skin through easy to use clean, effective, and fun skincare solutions. Peace Out’s innovations have already been awarded patents for Wrinkles and for Pores while also receiving a patent for Acne Dots in Canada. The brand also has five other patents pending.
Peace Out Skincare Acne Day Dot retails for $19 USD / 20 Dots or $32 USD / 40 Dots, and is available at Sephora locations around the world as well as on and
Peace Out was made by real people who tried everything to get rid of their skin imperfections. Frustrated with breakouts and poor results, they set out to create something that really works. Peace Out easy one-step solutions combine active ingredients with innovative technology so you can stop thinking about your skin and start feeling great.
Lauren O’Connor
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Lauren O’Connor
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