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AS KIDS, many of us dreamed of playing with our mum's make-up.
But one parent has gone a step further and bought her six-year-old daughter a professional make-up kit for Christmas
Harleigh-Emma Mullan, known online as @beautybyharlx, regularly shares makeup tutorials with her 10,000 followers on TikTok
In one of her recent videos, the makeup pro shares the kit she’s put together for her daughter for Christmas – which includes Morphe, Nars, and Urban Decay products. 
Her followers couldn’t believe the quality of the kit, with many claiming the little girl has better makeup than they do, even though they're in their 20s and 30s. 
“So my little one this year has asked for make-up for Christmas off Santa, and this is the first year she’s ever asked for everything girly, so I’m super excited. 
“And being the makeup artist of a mother I am, we’re going to build her a little box together. So let’s see what we put inside. 
“So of course, I got her a Minnie Mouse-themed box. This was from Primark, I believe I paid £16. 
“I thought it was just the perfect size, so let’s fill it up. 
“First things first, makeup is nothing without clean skin, so we’re going to pop some micellar water in there. 
“Some say excessive, I say necessary. This is a smart facial cleanser to go with her micellar water. 
“Of course, Illamasqua’s Hydra Veil, one of the best base products. 
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“A mini headband so that her hair doesn’t get in the way. 
“She loves face masks, so we’re going to pop this Pixie Volume Mask in. 
“A little Morphe beauty blender. 
“So obviously with her being six, I’m not going to let her have foundations and things like that. 
“But this is a cute little blush and bronze duo from Nars. 
“We then have this little blush duo from Pixie for her, and this cute little Super Shock Cheek Highlighter. 
“And what base would be complete without a setting spray? So this is the Urban Decay All-Nighter. 
“For eyes, I wanted to give her a few options, so this is a little neutrals eyeshadow quad, which she will probably use for dancing. 
“Obviously mummy does her makeup for dancing, but this is what we’d probably use for dancing. 
“Then we have some of the iconic glaze crayons, with the glitters on the other end. So she has the shade Wildflower and also the shade Desert Rose.
“We all know little girls love glitter, so I’m going to throw in a Colour Pop Glitter Shadow, and also palette of choice is the Morphe 9V, which is just cute pinks. 
“Mascara of choice is the Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, this is a mini. 
“Onto lips, we have two of the Nars Power Matte Lipsticks. We also have a Nars Clear Gloss. 
“Wow, we’re running out of room. We have a Revolution clear gloss, we have a Hude Beauty, this is one of their Silk Balms and finally, we have a Revolution lipstick for her. 
“And that’s her little box complete. I mean, some of you are going to call me absolutely outrageous, and I agree with you, I really honestly do.” 
The content creator goes on to justify her reasons for putting some of the pricier items in.  
“However, she’s sensitive-skinned. If she’s going to be messing around with anything, I’d rather she be messing around with things that I’d personally use also. 
“And a lot of this is from PR. I do get excessive amounts of PR and I can’t always use it, so at least I’m getting some use out of it, and she can have a play and feel involved as well.
“I mean she sees me do this as my job every day, and it’s only right that she gets to join in.”
During the three-minute video, the beauty pro shares the various products she's including in the kit, which come to a total of more than £303 – although she does explain that most have come from PR gifts. 
The video gained plenty of attention online, gaining more than 50,000 likes and 327,000 views. 
In the comments, other parents shared their thoughts, with many commenting that the young girl would soon have a better makeup collection than most adults. 
One wrote: “Nars and Illamasqua at 6! I had plastic makeup.” 
Another said: “You are her mum. Do what you want! Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Also, I'm jealous, better make-up than me.” 
Someone else added: “This makeup kit is worth about 5 times more than mine.“
Although not all were happy with the choice of mascara, with one parent writing: “I’d swap the mascara tbh, it seems a bit inappropriately named for a six-year-old!“
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