Kim Kardashian shows off her real makeup-free skin in new unedited video as she washes her face with SKKN… – The US Sun

KIM Kardashian has once again shown off her real makeup-free skin in a new social media video.
Kim, 42, went glam-free as she washed her face in a new video promoting her Skkn by Kim skincare line.
In the Instagram Stories video, Kim has her platinum blonde hair pulled back in a bun as she vigorously washes her face.
She posted steps on the skincare regimen, which also includes a cream or "polish" to exfoliate the skin.
The reality star demonstrated the steps and gave a kissing duck face to the camera as she slathered the products on.
It's not the first time the Kardashians star has shown off her bare skin without any glam.
Kim has been consistently giving fans a look at her life at home, mainly in TikTok videos with her eldest daughter North, nine.
Kim recently revealed her natural face without makeup in a new video on TikTok.
The reality star partook in a trend with her nine-year-old daughter that was posted to their shared account on the platform.
In the clip, the little girl filmed herself giving her mom instructions, while a fake spider climbed all over her face.
"Okay, so just say 'what', okay just be like 'what?' Okay go ahead," the pre-teen explained, before moving the camera over to her mom.
Kim then mouthed "what?" to the camera with a confused look on her face, before the fake spider began crawling over her own face.
The TV personality jumped and screamed "STOP!" at the funny prank pulled by her daughter.
North could be seen laughing as the camera cut out, and she captioned the post: "I got her."
In the clip, the mother of four was makeup free, showing off her natural skin texture and pigmentation.
Kim's lips looked thinner than usual and she sported some under-eye bags without her full glam makeup.
The Hulu star looked gorgeous in her natural state though vastly different from her red-carpet appearances.
It appears, however, that Kim's extravagant skincare routine has rubbed off on her daughter North, who frequently posts her own routine on TikTok using similar face products as her mom.
Fans were left shocked as North showed off her daily beauty and hygiene routine.
Posting a screenshot from a recent video on Reddit, one person asked: "North has very detailed skincare and makeup routine- is she too young for this?"
Other Reddit users quickly commented on the thread as one said: "I get wanting to play around with products and makeup but a nine year old has perfectly healthy and supple skin that does not require twenty products in bland packaging to maintain a healthy glow ok."
Another fumed: "I think she's too young but this is a great way for her to sell more if her products. Start them young. Gross Kim."
Another frustrated person commented: "Yes! She's 9 years old FFS! Penelope does the same thing! You know it's fine if they want to play with makeup like all little girls do, but this is excessive!"
Someone else pointed out: "No kid needs an extensive skincare routine. Water, moisturiser & spf is more than enough. A gentle make up cleanser if theyre experimenting with makeup."
TikTok is usually where fans can catch Kim in an unedited atmosphere.
Kim flaunted her tiny waist on TikTok after she made another cameo in one of her daughter's videos.
North uploaded a very brief video of her and her mom pulling a funny pose as they stood inside Kim's huge closet.
The beauty mogul was dressed in a pair of high-waist black leggings and a matching sports bra and appeared to be wearing minimal makeup.
North wore a baggy black T-shirt which was emblazoned with white symbols and a large rail of Kim's designer clothing could be seen in the background.
As the track Sin City Slowed by Eduardo XD played, Kim and North looked at one another and giggled before leaning forward into the camera and pulling funny faces.
Kim and North's TikTok account has 10.7million followers but comments are always turned off.
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