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It’s giving 🤡, but it totally works.
Jessica Alba revealed a major makeup and skincare hack in a new Instagram video. Instead of layering on foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, and contour on top of each other, she applied each product in one layer and blended from lightest to darkest.
Why the change up? Well, can you think of anything worse than that caked-on look?
Plus, if not applied correctly, layers of makeup can clog your pores, encourage acne-causing bacteria to grow, and smudge with the first bead of sweat. Jessica’s method gives her a glowy complexion, requires only one layer of makeup, and also lasts all day (and night).
However, it also makes you look like a clown—at first. But that’s before you blend, blend, blend. "Hear me out … I know I look cray, but I think @chloemorello just unlocked 🔓 a next level makeup hack!" Jessica captioned her IG video. "Not only is it quick n easy, but the final natural & dewy look is a vibe 🔥 ✨ try it out if you haven’t already!"
Of course, the Honest company CEO is a fan of her own products. The L.A.’s Finest actress used Honest’s setting spray over her cream products before blending everything in. This gave her skin and the makeup some moisture, allowing for easier blending and a smoother appearance. The spray also infused the products with its setting power, guaranteeing a lasting look.
Next, she began blending. Moving from light to dark, Jessica started with her concealer. Wet from her spray, it blended seamlessly into her under eye, chin, and forehead areas.
The foundation followed suit, as did the blush, or Creme Lip and Cheek Color in The Honest Company’s words, which gave shape to Jessica’s cheeks, especially in the light. The bronzer highlighted her cheekbones, nose, neck, and hairline, emphasizing her angles and slimming her face.
When mimicking this strategic application process, feel free to mist as needed to keep your products wet and your appearance perfectly dewy! An added bonus: this natural look will stay put all night—no matter how much dancing you do.
Other than bringing her makeup routine from many layers down to only one, Jessica turns to The Honest Company skincare products to help achieve her flawless appearance. She seems to have a routine for every time of the day and she sticks to them religiously.
A previous Instagram video shows fans her nighttime routine. She cleans her skin of the day’s dirt and oils with the Calm On Foaming Cream Cleanser. Next, she masks up with the Prime and Perfect Mask. She locks in the good stuff with the Calm and Heal Melting Balm.

She recommends taking products off with a sponge for extra exfoliation and practicing a series of 4-second breathing exercises to help you wind down after a long day’s work. Can you say Zen?!
She obviously takes self-care super seriously. No wonder her skin always looks so flawless.
Thanks for sharing your secrets, Jessica!
BRB, trying it right now…

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