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When it comes to eyeliner, if we’re excluding me (I fancy myself a bit of a pro, NGL), Ariana Grande is the Queen of the cat-eye flick – and I won’t hear otherwise. For years and years, the pop star has rocked the sleek liner look. So much so, that it has now become her signature style and a bit of a trademark. And of course, when someone masters such an iconic look, we want to know exactly how.
Thankfully, the makeup Gods were listening and have granted us that one single wish with an Instagram makeup tutorial by Ari herself. On her beauty brand’s IG account, r.e.m. beauty, the Thank U, Next singer shows us her three-step eye look using her very own shadows, eye gels and the infamous r.e.m. beauty eyeliner marker, £20.
As she says herself: “flight crew [aka, YOU!], prepare for launch”.
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In one effortless swoop Ariana manages to apply the most perfect cat eyeliner – I mean, would you just look at that flick of the wrist?!
In order to achieve such perfection, she uses the opposing hand to eye to draw the line and with the other hand, she pulls her skin taut. TBH, at this point, we can’t be too surprised as she is a beauty entrepreneur, after all.

Just like us, fans were shook to the core and inundated the post with comments. Two comments in particular have racked up hundreds of likes.
One said: “Her liner….. I’m still shooook😂😍💗”.
And the other reads: “EYELINER? WTF?!”. Our thoughts exactly!
This isn’t actually the first time that Ari has sent us all into an eyeliner frenzy. A few months ago – February, to be precise – the pop star shared her first Instagram makeup tutorial showing us how she creates her signature look. And like this one, it’s good.
Now, I know this is technically a tutorial, but Ari, slow it down a little and talk us through your exact steps. Please and thank you!
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