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Joint News Release
The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and National Park Service (NPS) have successfully tranquilized the mountain lion known as P-22 and transported him to a wild animal care facility for a full health evaluation. After an initial assessment by qualified veterinarians, the lion was deemed to be in stable condition and is undergoing additional veterinary evaluation.
mountain lion prone on a tarp
On Thursday, Dec. 8, CDFW announced their intent to capture the world-famous mountain lion and bring him in for a health evaluation. CDFW and NPS found P-22 this morning south of his long-time home range in Griffith Park, in the Los Feliz area. An anonymous report last night indicated that he may have been struck by a vehicle.
CDFW had not set any traps yet at the time that P-22 was located. Instead, upon determining where he was through the GPS locations and signal from his tracking collar, biologists were able to dart him in the neighborhood. CDFW veterinarians and NPS biologists will determine the best next steps for the animal while also prioritizing the safety of the surrounding communities.
CDFW and NPS thank the community for providing help when asked and for refraining from intervening in the effort.
CDFW and NPS have long partnered on issues related to P-22 and will work together to find the most humane option available for the lion and the community in which he lives. CDFW and NPS have already been in contact with leading institutions for animal care and rehabilitation centers.
CDFW and NPS recognize how many people are concerned about mountain lions, their conservation, and P-22 in particular, and we appreciate this interest. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.
CDFW is responsible for overseeing the management and conservation of mountain lions in the state. NPS has been studying mountain lions in and around the Santa Monica Mountains for the last two decades to determine how they survive in a fragmented and urbanized environment.
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