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When the foundation is started early, it is easier to stick to a skincare routine when older.
When children are young, the most that they need to worry about with a skincare routine is making sure they wash their faces with a washcloth. As kids age and their bodies begin to change, washing with a cloth will not be enough to keep their skin balanced. Because of this, starting a skincare routine, even just a simple one, is necessary. Something that school-aged kids should be participating in.
The biggest thing that toddlers and preschool children have to worry about when it comes to skincare is making sure they have washed their meals off of their faces. It is when kids become more active and sweat more than just washing with water alone that may not truly get their face clean, let alone hydrate it. And because of this, skincare likely should be introduced much earlier than parents anticipate.
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Here is the age that kids should start a skincare routine.
Parents equate clogged pores and dry skin with older tweens to teenagers. They do not think about younger kids needing to do more than just wash their face with water and a towel or a non-abrasive soap because they are not prone to breakouts. But when breakouts begin, it is already too late. This is why the foundation for skincare needs to begin when kids have entered elementary school.
According to Essential Wholesale & Labs, a good time to start a skincare routine with kids is when they are between six and nine years of age. This helps to get them into the habit of washing once or twice per day, depending upon their activity level. And when this becomes ingrained, it is simple to transition to a skincare routine as they reach the tween and teenage years.
When introducing a skincare routine to young kids, it is best to keep it simple. After all, the goal is to get used to washing, not necessarily to work on prevention yet.
According to Very Well Health, a gentle foaming cleanser is all that is necessary for school-aged kids up through young tween age kids. A light moisturizer may need to be applied if the skin feels drier as a result of the weather or if the cleanser, regardless of how gentle it is, dries the skin.
To ensure that kids do not forget to wash their face with enough frequency to keep their skin clear of white or blackheads, it is recommended to put the cleanser in a place where they are apt to use it. This could be anywhere from the sink so that it is front and center or even in the shower where it can be part of the overall cleansing routine.
Puberty can completely change the composition of the skin. Because of this, once puberty has begun, the skincare routine will need to evolve.
According to Well + Good, as tweens get older or if teens are just getting started with a skincare routine, there are more steps that need to be taken to ensure good care is being taken of the skin. Something that their skin will thank them for as they age.
Along with the gentle cleanser and moisturizer that these kids have been using, it is time to add in a serum to fight environmental factors that can damage the cells of the skin. One of the most popular ways to do this is with a vitamin C serum.
For the pesky pimples or even acne that may crop up, retinol will work like a dream, according to Well + Good. Just a small application to the site of the flare-up will help to bring skin back under control and keep it clear.
And finally, sunscreen.
Regardless of whether it is sunny or cloudy outside, sunscreen should always be included as the last step in the daytime skincare routine. This will help to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays, keep cells from being damaged, and prevent the likelihood of skin cancer happening as tweens and teens age.
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