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Imagine a scenario where you have to apply absolutely no makeup before stepping out of the house. It is exactly this thought (or well, scenario) that has paved a way for what is being called the permanent makeup trend. “The craze for permanent makeup is at an all-time high right now. And, it is undoubtedly cooler than you might think,” said Remya Gupta, a makeup artist.
Explaining more, the expert answered some commonly-asked questions about this new trend on the block.
What is permanent makeup?
With the use of a tattooing method known as permanent makeup, you may have full brows, coloured lips, a sharp cat eye, covered under-eye circles, and more for years without using any cosmetics. “Today’s permanent makeup appears more like cosmetics than the tattooed makeup of the 1980s and 1990s, which left your mouth or eyelids with a line of ink,” said Gupta.
What is the lifespan of permanent makeup?
Although it typically lasts between one and three years, the length of time largely depends on the treatment option.
Permanent makeup is more of a superficial tattoo than a true tattoo, thus it doesn’t last as long as a true tattoo because it doesn’t penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.
What are the different types of permanent makeup?
Permanent eyeliner
Similar to conventional eyeliner, permanent eyeliner comes in a wide variety of looks, from a delicate lash enhancer to a dramatic liquid-look liner to a stunning smoky whipshaded eyeliner. All of these methods include the use of digital tattooing equipment, which injects colour into the skin using an electrically powered handpiece and needle, explained Gupta.
Permanent lip colour
To tattoo a beautiful, borderless blush of colour across the lips and correct their shape while also adding fullness, volume, and definition, we employ digital tattooing equipment and a needle that is comparable to a traditional tattoo machine but much less invasive.
Permanent brows
Using this semi-permanent makeup method, you can improve your natural brows to give them a fuller appearance and, if necessary, define their shape. “Although there are a few other methods available, ombré brows are one of my preferred semi-permanent eyebrow treatment,” Gupta shared.
“To get the ombré appearance, airbrush pigment into the skin using a hand-held digital machine, applying more colour to the tails and less pigment to the bulb of the brow. This will precisely frame your face, and the right brows will highlight every aspect of your face,” Gupta added.
Permanent concealer
The process for applying permanent concealer is the same as for applying lip, brow, and eyeliner tattoos. “A needle instrument is used to inject skin-tone-coordinating ink pigment into the epidermis, where it settles. It helps to conceal blemishes and minimises dark under-eye circles, which brightens your eyes. The duration can range from one to five years depending on your skin type, but the long-term effects are difficult to estimate,” Gupta said.
According to Gupta, it’s crucial to keep in mind that opinions on this procedure can differ because the pigment used might not match your skin if it gets any lighter or darker. After all, your skin colour changes throughout the year depending on how well you tan.
As such, permanent makeup is the answer if you’re sick of spending half your paycheck on cosmetics. “However, conduct your homework and select a specialist with advanced training, relevant experience, and a license in the procedure you want before you book an appointment,” Gupta said.
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