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Now that “Hocus Pocus 2” is here for everyone to enjoy throughout the Halloween season, fans are paying homage to the franchise in many ways. According to IMDb, the sequel focuses on two girls who accidentally summon the Sanderson sisters from the olden days into modern-day Salem. Suddenly, it’s up to two typical mortals to figure out how to stop the child-hungry witches in their tracks. 
To join in the festivities, Glam’s sister site Mashed created “Hocus Pocus”-themed alcoholic beverage recipes filled with booze, bright colors, and other delicious ingredients such as caramel apples, hot red grenadine, and blood oranges. Witchy liquor isn’t the only way to have fun watching the newest “Hocus Pocus” movie, though. ColourPop is behind the “Hocus Pocus 2” collection filled with tons of gorgeous makeup options for anyone who wants to pull off a fun, cute, and spooky face of makeup on Halloween night. 
The brand offers an eyeshadow palette called All Hallows Eve with colors that have call names such as Spell Book, Cursed, and Wicked Ways. There’s also a bottle of mascara in a shade of purple called rich plum, lip gloss in a shade of sheer black with glitter, and shimmering oval-colored highlighter with a gold and green chrome finish. Tons of makeup artists and “Hocus Pocus” lovers have come up with their own themed makeup looks with easy tutorials to follow. Here’s a round-up of the best ones.

Anyone who is truly aspiring to achieve the perfect “Hocus Pocus”-themed makeup look will have to master the glued brow technique. TikToker @AmandaLeeMakeup pulled her hair out of her face and applied a layer of thick glue from a glue stick onto her eyebrows. Next, she brushed through all the hair on her brows to make sure they were all aiming upward in one direction. 
After that, she patted out all visibility of her brow hairs with lighter concealer using a beauty blender. Once her eyebrows were completely hidden, she blended foundation over her entire face including her forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks. She also added a shade of pink blush on the balls of her cheeks. Amanda started blending together multiple shades of eyeshadow on her eyelid, reaching a point that was just as high as her natural eyebrow line. With her brows missing in action thanks to her glue trick, it was easier for her to achieve such a comparable look to Winifred.
According to, gluing down your eyebrows like a pro doesn’t have to be a difficult challenge to accomplish. After all, drag queens have been doing it for years. You’ll need a glue stick, a brow comb, a color corrector, a container of loose setting spray, and a tube of concealer that perfectly matches your skin. The first step is to clean your eyebrows to make sure that glue will easily set in place on a fresh base. Then, smear your brows with glue and comb them flat before covering them with color corrector, setting powder, and concealer.

TikToker @AnaGabivls‘ tutorial for how to look like Sarah Sanderson started with her covering her entire face in a single shade of concealer and foundation. Next, she started contouring her nose and filling out her eyebrows. Ana began blending together a light shade of brownish-burgundy eyeshadow over her eyelids with a little bit of mascara on her top and bottom lashes. After that, she added faux lashes to add additional length to both eyes. Her next step was covering her lips in a shade of dark red lipstick that totally stands out.
Next, she popped in a pair of pale blue color contacts. She completed the look by putting a blonde wig on to match Sarah Jessica Parker’s version of the “Hocus Pocus” witch. The best detail Ana added to her overall look is definitely the color contacts because, without them, she probably wouldn’t have looked as close to Sarah as she intended.

Contouring is a must if you want to pull off “Hocus Pocus” makeup. Doing Winifred makeup, TikToker @KyleeAnnaArtistry, started the tutorial off by gluing her eyebrows into the right position, covering them with foundation, and applying a shade of brown eyeshadow. Then, she used a dark shade of foundation to contour the shape of her nose and even more dark foundation to contour the shape of her cheekbones. By the time she blended all of the contours together, she was giving total Winifred vibes. Kylee already began to look like Winifred before adding a pair of obnoxiously yellow fake teeth, lipstick, lashes, and a red wig, simply because she had her contouring steps down pat. By the end of her tutorial, Kylee looked like the actual actress who played Winifred: Bette Midler.
Beauty Crew explains that it’s important for just about everyone to brush up on their contouring skills, whether you’re a professional or an amateur. This is because contouring has become one of the most popular makeup hacks in recent history thanks to Kim Kardashian and other celebs showing an interest in it on social media. Contouring is the combination of liquid, cream, stick, or powder products of your choice that are several shades darker than your natural skin tone. They’re used to reshape or define areas of your face that need a little extra attention. Contouring certainly comes in handy with regular everyday makeup, and it’s totally necessary with a “Hocus Pocus” look.

Mastering the smoky eye look is important for Halloween makeup, whether you’re channeling “Hocus Pocus” or something similar. Channeling Sarah Sanderson TikToker @SofiaDivene_ already has blonde hair, she didn’t have to wear a blonde wig like most other makeup artists. She was able to curl her natural hair after completing the look. Before she got to that step though, she covered her eyelids with black eyeshadow. 
Then, Sofia blended dark black with lighter shades of gray until she reached her eyebrow line. On the bottom of her eyes, she added a thick layer of black eyeliner. Sofia’s eyebrow tint and dark red lipstick certainly helped her look more like the character of Sarah, but it was really the smoky eye that pushed her over the edge. She blended the dark eyeshadow so high up that it became the most noticeable aspect of her entire face.
Ipsy says that becoming hey smoky eye expert is comparable to a right of passage in the beauty industry. The smoky eye is something that looks amazing whether you’re at an upscale event or costume party. Some of the items you’ll need are full-coverage concealer, a shader eyeshadow brush, a blending brush, an eyeshadow palette filled with dark shades, gel eyeliner, and black mascara. Once you’ve gathered them, you prime your eyelids to avoid any future smudging. After your eyeshadow color choices have been decided, you’ll need to start applying the shade that covers the entire lid, the shade that goes over the crease, and the highlight. After you’re finished blending, you’ll add eyeliner, mascara, and lashes. Then, voila! You’ve created a perfect smokey eye look of which you can be proud.

Winifred is arguably the most recognizable character from the “Hocus Pocus” franchise. With her bright red hair and expressive eye makeup, she is definitely hard to miss. TikToker @RaydiateByRaychel achieved the perfect Winifred-inspired makeup by covering her entire face with foundation and concealer before blending it all together. She then started adding dark lines of contour in all the right places. She placed contour around the frame of her face, her cheekbones, and her nose. After all, Winifred’s signature look lies in her face, though her costuming and Bette Midler’s acting certainly up the ante.
After that, she added red highlight to the bridge of her nose and her cheekbones before filling in her eyebrows and going for an eccentric eyeshadow combination. She blended together dark green and pale green colors with tons of sparkle. Raychel also added mascara, lashes, lipstick, and a heart-shaped formation in the center of her top and bottom lips. She completed the look by adding a bright red, curly wig on top of her head, and viewers can quickly see that she completely embodies the character by the end of the video. What’s more, it looks fairly easy to do at home!

Whether you’re getting ready to celebrate Halloween or not, shimmery purple eyeshadow is a total vibe for makeup artists everywhere. TikToker @BarbBeautyy put that notion to the test when she went all out with her shimmery purple eyeshadow magic. She started off by covering her eyelids with concealer, as well as the skin underneath. Then, she added a layer of bright orange eyeshadow into the creases of both eyes. Her next step was adding shimmery purple eyeshadow over both lids, dabbing the color with her fingertips. Purple is becoming a staple Halloween color among the likes of orange and black, so we’re excited to see it getting this recognition. 
She created a flawless face by covering every inch of her facial skin with liquid foundation and combining it together with a beauty sponge. After her wet foundation was stabilized, she dabbed some more concealer underneath her eyes to hide any signs of dark circles. She then connected more orange eyeshadow underneath her eye to create the appearance of bright-colored eyeliner. Her last step was adding dark black mascara to make her eyes pop even more than before. Who wouldn’t want to look like her final product?

The creepiest witch from the “Hocus Pocus” movie franchise is probably Mary Sanderson. The way she bites her lip and stares at random children with hungry eyes makes her one of the spookiest characters to look out for. TikToker @J9HomieMakeup made herself look just like Mary by following a few simple steps. She started off with a tattoo crayon in the dandelion orange color drawn all over her eyelids. Next, she dabbed some golden honey eyeshadow into the center of her lids. After that, she added hibiscus-colored eyeshadow to her eye creases. 
After that, she combed her eyebrows upward using a clay brow shaper. Her next step was sculpting the inner corners of her eyes using sandalwood-colored eyeshadow. After that, she attached faux lashes using magnetic liner on the top and bottoms of her eyes. Adding pink blush to her cheekbones along with burgundy lipstick and lip liner was her next move. After that, she glued a fake mole to her face to complete the look along with a black and purple wig.

The heart-shaped lip is one of the most important “Hocus Pocus” makeup tricks to master for anyone trying to look like Winifred from the popular movie franchise. TikToker @KeiliDHMua showcased just how vital the heart-shaped lip is while doing her makeup to flawlessly match the devilishly charming character. Her 15-second tutorial moved quickly as she started with a fresh face before adding a solid layer of foundation. 
With that layer of foundation, she also blotted out her eyebrows for total invisibility. Next, she covered her cheeks with red blush and added gold and brown eyeshadow to her eyelids. After that, she made the boldest statement of all by adding heart-shaped lipstick to the center of her top and bottom lips. She didn’t add any lipstick to the outer corners of her mouth on purpose, to make it look as though her lips created a perfect heart.
Beauty Lish notes that heart-shaped lips are absolutely perfect for holidays like Valentine’s Day since hearts are typically connected to romance, flirtation, and true love. Interestingly enough, heart-shaped lips are also wonderful for holidays like Halloween when you’re trying to look just like Winifred from “Hocus Pocus.” One of the heart-shaped styles you might consider would be a vintage-inspired theme from the 20s that’s reminiscent of the traditional flapper look. You’ll use a deep wine-colored lip color in the center and lighten up the edges of your lips with touches of foundation. Another style you might choose to mimic would be the heart-shaped lips from the Queen of Hearts you recognize from “Alice in Wonderland.”

Dark lip liner will take you far when you’re trying to look like one of the characters from “Hocus Pocus.” TikToker @MakeupByJennesy made herself look just like Sarah Sanderson with dark lip liner as her main strategy. Jennesy started her video with a fresh face, clear of any makeup. She quickly started dabbing foundation and concealer all over before blending it together with a brush. She added red highlighter to the tip of her nose before getting heavy-handed with some dark brown eyeshadow on her eyelids. 
Mascara and lashes came next, but she definitely didn’t stop there. After Jennesy showed TikTok viewers her lipstick, she suddenly looked more like Sarah than before. She drew a line of dark lip liner around every edge of her mouth and filled the actual skin of her lips in with a deep shade of red. If she had paired basic red lipstick with red lip liner, it wouldn’t have given as much of an accurate witchy result.

If you’re not adding enough blush to your “Hocus Pocus” makeup look, you probably won’t achieve the exact results that you’re desiring. TikToker @WyntiRose went all out emulating Winifred’s face starting with pale foundation, contour, and brown eyeshadow rimming her eyes. She also blotted out her eyebrows to make them look completely nonexistent. Next, she went a little overboard with the pink blush, but it was exactly what she needed to do to accomplish the eccentric and witchy appearance of a character like Winifred.
She added the same bright red color to the tip of her nose as highlighter. Wynti didn’t skimp out on bright red lipstick in a heart formation on her lips and even added her own special flair by smearing some of the lipstick on her teeth. All the details of her makeup put together created a perfect Winifred copycat face, but it was definitely the amount of blush she incorporated that pushed her over the edge of accuracy. refers to blush as being an essential step in almost everyone’s makeup routine. If you’re skipping out on blush, you’re missing out on the potential to add a sense of warmth to your complexion. Blush exists to amp up the illusion of how much health and energy you have. On a normal day, you’ll want to take it easy with your blush without going overboard. For Halloween, you can be as heavy-handed with your blush as you desire.

Lashes make such a huge difference when you’re perfecting your makeup look. It doesn’t necessarily matter if you’re trying to pull off a Halloween costume or you’re simply trying to feel dolled up for the day. If you’re going for a “Hocus Pocus” makeup look that looks anything like Sarah Sanderson though, you’ll want to utilize dramatically long lashes. TikToker @MadsConcealer made herself look just like Sarah by covering her face with foundation, contour, dark purple eyeshadow, and eyeliner. 
She also moved forward with an eyebrow tint, mascara, and deep red lipstick. Since she already had naturally blue eyes to start, she didn’t have to take any extra steps by adding blue color contacts. Her naturally dark hair did need to be tucked away under a bright blonde wig, though. The detail that stood out the most with her was definitely the length of her faux lashes. She chose lashes that were thick, long, and strong, culminating in a look that is perfect for spooky season.


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