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Have you ever fallen for those long, extension-like eyelashes that do not flake, break, smudge, or smear? If yes, today is the day when you can populate your makeup kitty with the best drugstore tubing mascaras. These tubing mascaras also known as tubular mascaras follow a wrapping technique that lengthens, volumizes, lifts as well as curl your eyelashes allowing you to ace pro-level eye makeup. For casting out some strong impressions and to make mesmerizing eye contact, just glide a stroke of tubing mascara onto your lashes. Trust us, these are the makeup staples much needed to make your eye makeup kit complete.
If you are a fan of extension-like eyelashes — long, dense and everything beautiful, then add Double Extend Beauty Tubes from L'Oréal Paris to your makeup kitty right now. This mascara works on a tubing technology that will fetch you 80 percent longer-looking eyelashes, just the way you have imagined. This mascara won’t just paint your eyelashes but also nourish them thoroughly. Thanks to its 2-in-1 bristle brush that gives you a chance to prime your lashes before applying the tube-top coat. The primer protects your eyelashes and strengthens them at the same time, making them ready for the next coat.
This Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara from Kiss Me is a jet-black mascara that effectively curls and lengthens your eyelashes. This mascara will make your eyelashes look thicker and fuller. The 5mm long fiber wand of the mascara separates each of your lashes and lends you a clump-free look. With the goodness of camellia, argan, wild rose oils, and royal jelly extract, this mascara takes care of your lashes and provides them with 10 hours of dynamic lengthening effect.
This blinc Original Tubing Mascara is one of the best drugstore tubing mascaras that comes in two shades — black and brown. Its paraben-free formula and easy-to-glide ability make it an eye makeup essential. Its tubing technology seamlessly binds your eyelashes with its tiny water-resistant tubes. To give your lashes a natural and shiny finish, this tubing mascara is what you need to rely on. It won’t run, smudge, smear, or flake; rather it has the ability to withstand sweat, tears, humidity as well as hot climate. What’s more? This mascara is also suitable for contact lens wearers.
Long-lasting volume and mesmerizing curls are the two reasons that will make you fall over this Volume Stylist 18 hr Lash Extension Mascara from essence cosmetics. This drugstore tubular mascara is formulated with lengthening fibers that will define your eyelashes with ease. Its innovative fiber paddle brush makes sure that your mascara reaches every short eyelash. This mascara doesn’t flake, clump, or wear away. It lasts long and keeps your gorgeous lashes volumized throughout the day.
If you wish to exude some bold statements with your eyes, rely on Professional Remarkable Mascara from COVERGIRL. Its intense black and brown pigments volumize your eyelashes and make them stand out in glory. The brush is specially crafted to define each of your lashes right from the roots to the tips. Plus, the mascara doesn’t clump, smudge, or dry out. Be it summer or rainy, this mascara will maintain your eyes’ dramatic look throughout the day. What’s the biggest merit of these mascaras? It washes off easily with soap and water.
This Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection from DHC is one of the best tubing drugstore mascaras known for its Japanese polymer tube technology. It is a water-resistant lengthening mascara that comes with a flexible wand and fine bristles. The wand easily glides on your eyelashes and promises you an all-day glossy black look. It never flakes, clumps, or smears, all credit goes to the presence of beeswax that helps to solidify and strengthen your eyelashes.
Boots No7 Stay Perfect Mascara is the perfect mascara to highlight the natural beauty of your eyes. This mascara adds much-needed volume to your eyelashes and serves you with desirable length. It lasts long up to 24 hours, giving your eyes flawless definition. In addition, this mascara makes your eyelashes look thicker as well as fuller. The lash brush wraps each of your lashes with a film that creates tiny tubes around them.
This Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara from L'Oréal Paris serves you with a gorgeous false-lash effect. For attaining fuller, longer, and curls eyelashes, this is the magic wand that your makeup kitty must have. It is beautifully designed with a quick volume depositing formula and asymmetric curved and leveled sides for desirable application. To take off the mascara, you just need soap and water. No need to rub your eyes. What’s more? This volumizing mascara is ideal for contact lens wearers and for those who possess sensitive eyes.
With the best drugstore tubing mascaras lying in your makeup vanity, do you also wish to hone your eye makeup skills? We have got you covered. Today, we are not only serving you the steps of applying a tubing mascara but also helping you in choosing the best.
Here are a few steps that will aid in applying the best drugstore tubing mascaras in a fuss-free manner. Scroll down to know how you can paint your eyelashes professionally.
Step 1: Always apply mascara only after you are done applying your eyeshadows, eyeliner, and other eye makeup products.
Step 2: If the mascara brand asks you to apply an eyelash primer, then coat your lashes with the primer first. This is an optional step.
Step 3: Open the mascara and remove the excess mascara from your brush by lightly touching the edge of the tube.
Step 4: Look straight and begin applying the mascara from the roots to the tips. Ensure that you follow an upward swiping method to coat your eyelashes in a clump-free manner.
Step 5: To coat and reach the inner or small-sized eyelashes, use the tip of the brush. You may use the tapering tip to coat your bottom eyelashes as well.
Step 6: Seek the help of an eyelash comb to comb your eyelashes and achieve desirable results.
With these steps, you can seamlessly accentuate the beauty of your eyes and add some drama to your overall look. Wish to grab one such magical wand for yourself? Roll your eyes over and get to know how to pick the best drugstore tubing mascara.
Congratulations! You are just one step away from making the best purchasing decision ever. Till now, you must have known a drugstore tubing mascara inside out and frantically searching for one. So, to ease out your shopping haul a little more, we are here to help you with some useful tips in choosing the best.
1. Ingredients: Always pick a mascara that is enriched with conditioning ingredients like arginine, biotin, and peptides. These ingredients strengthen, volumize, as well as stimulate the growth of your eyelashes without causing any harm or discomfort. Secondly, make sure your mascara contains polymer or fiber in it to ensure that it is 100 percent tubing mascara.
2. Brush/ Wand: When it comes to mascara, ensure that you pay heed to the size and shape of the wand. A mascara wand that is flat and fluffy will lend you voluminous eyelashes. On the other hand, the long and skinny brush mascara will lend you long and clump-free eyelashes. Pick a mascara whose applicator brush is neither too long nor too short and designed to coat upper, lower, short, and long eyelashes with ease.
3. Say No to Harmful Chemicals: Always make sure that your mascara is free from toxins as well as harmful chemicals. It is recommended to choose mascaras that are allergy tested, vegan, and cruelty-free.
4. Formulas: A tubing mascara that features a water-based and gluten-free formula is highly recommended. The consistency of the mascara should be creamy and formulated with natural oils. This helps in the easy gliding of the mascara wand and even single-stroke application. Secondly, the formula of your creamy mascara should be light in weight, or your eyes and eye makeup tend to feel heavy.
5. Easy to Remove: Pick a drugstore tubing mascara that is easy to remove. Check whether the mascara easily comes off with warm water. Do not rub your eyes hard to remove the applied mascara. Always choose mascara that comes off gently with water.
6. Longevity: Choose a tubing mascara that is long-lasting and most importantly smudge-proof. Ensure that you invest in mascaras that are water-resistant but gently come off with a single rub.
7. Clump-free: Always pick a clump-free mascara. Invest in tubing mascara that is non-flaky as well as clump-free. Stay away from mascaras that bleed or break post-application. 
That’s all folks! Our useful tips and buying guide will definitely help you in bringing home one of the best drugstore tubing mascaras. We bet you will never regret your purchasing decision. What are you waiting for? Pull out your cards and populate your makeup vanity with top-notch mascaras because buying just one tubular mascara for everyday use is too mainstream. Grab two or maybe three, or four in varied shades and take your eye makeup game to a whole new level.
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