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The festive season in India has officially started with Navratri which was celebrated with glee and gusto after the pandemic gap of over two years. The festive season demands a lot of shopping, ethnic fashion, travel, sweets, makeup and festivities. All the pollution, sugar rush and untimely meal hours target the skin and we are left with dull-looking, oily, skin, full of dirt. The post-festive skin is a thing as we usually apply layers of makeup for the celebrations for long hours and do not take the much-needed care that the skin demands. We have curated a list of tips and tricks which you can keep in mind to not let the festivities have a negative impact over the skin.
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You must follow these tips for radiant-looking glow for the festive season


The festive season demands for the skin to have cleaning, washing, toning, regularly. Even though your normal skincare routine may not include a lot many steps, add a few more steps for the festive season. Use gentle exfoliators twice to three times a week and moisturise the skin immediately after.
For the festive season, you can choose from the moisturisers which give a skin tint and glow. Apart from making the skin supple and keeping it hydrated, these glow moisturisers rich in vitamin C, Vitamin E will improve the skin quality too. So, give the skin the festive tint
Know your skin type and if your skin type is suitable for using oils include Vitamin E to your daily skincare regimen. It will ensure your skin is hydrated during the long hours of the celebrations. Also drink a lot of water for natural hydration too.
How much ever you feel relaxed with warm water baths, the hot water is not good for the skin. The skin loses its natural oils and becomes dried out if it comes in contact with hot water. Instead, using ice cubes to soothe and relax the skin will work to calm down the exerted skin and also minimize its puffing, giving a relaxed looking, radiant skin.
Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours daily is needed for the skin to restore its natural, night-time repair mechanism and to make it look plump, elastic and radiantly glowing. So do not skip the hours of your beauty sleep, there is a reason why it is called 'Beauty' sleep.
Apart from these skin care tips, also follow a green diet, go a little easy on sweets, ample hydration, regular use of sunscreens, anti-pollution range products and removing the makeup properly are some more skincare tips to follow to save the skin from post-festive dullness.
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