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For a bride, hair care is just as vital as skin care since it helps you appear stunning on your wedding day. The simplest approach to keep track of all the natural products that go on your scalp and hair is to indulge in pre-bridal hair care at home. A bridal hair care regimen can also be followed at home at your convenience. You must carefully watch your nutrition, exercise program, skincare, and hair care routines. Take a look at these hair care tips that every bride-to-be should follow for maintaining healthy hair before the wedding:- 
Hair Issue
Brides-to-be can choose from a variety of excellent deep conditioning and hair mask treatments. Look for treatments that condition and exfoliate your scalp to remove pollutants. Then, you can use a moisturising mask to give your hair the nutrition it requires. A hair spa session once in three months before the wedding day is also an ideal option. Be careful while selecting the appropriate hair treatment.
It’s essential to first understand your issues before planning your pre-wedding hair care regimen. You should begin nine to 12 months in advance if you are concerned about hair thinning. If you decide to choose growth therapies like the AgeLess Micrograft Hair Treatment or any other procedure that may be done once a year, you will have enough time. If the problem is dandruff or dull hair, three to six months need to suffice. In the case of hair smoothing or straightening, a six-month time is ideal.
Less Shampoo
The hair might get dry from over-shampooing. Depending on your lifestyle and hair type, you can shampoo every other day or twice a week. If you have a very active lifestyle and find that you must shampoo every day, pick a milder daily shampoo to avoid over-drying.
Oiling Hair
From lifeless hair and damaged ends to tension, a hair oil massage has been a go-to remedy. A cold-pressed coconut oil massage performed at home is a good option to try. It is recommended to oil your scalp rather than your hair. Hair oil options that you can include in your routine:- 
i) Coconut oil 
ii) Castor oil 
iii) Argan oil 
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Your hair will become more soft and shiny because of the nourishing antioxidant in rice water. You can even include that in your face mask to help in skin healing. For hair that looks healthy, you can use rice water as a post-shampoo rinse or as an overnight mask. Incorporating rice into your hair care regimen can help to stop hair loss. 
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