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Winter is coming and that means new makeup trends to experiment with! Whether you prefer a minimalist look, statement lip, or a full face of glam, this year’s hottest trends have something for everyone. Everything old is new again when it comes to fashion trends, and this year’s hottest makeup looks seem to be following that age-old adage. “My predictions for makeup trends this winter are again very ’90s and Y2K inspired, as we have seen the last few seasons this year,” celebrity makeup artist Melissa Hurkman told PopSugar. “This season, we are taking it to a whole new level and we’re pulling out all the stops.”
So, what does that mean, exactly? Makeup is just one way you can express yourself, and this year’s trends can mean anything you want. Personal style is a buffet where you can pick and choose the trends you want to follow based on what you like. “It’s hard to choose a singular category of what is most popular because there are so many different styles and expressions within beauty that become more favored than others,” makeup artist Leo Chaparro told Allure. You can incorporate some of these trends into your daily makeup routine, give them a try for a night on the town, or go full glam for that holiday party you’ve been excited about. Needless to say, heavy eyeliner, bold lips, glitter, and a bright blush are just some of the 15 makeup trends you’re going to see everywhere this winter.

After a few years of mask-wearing, lipstick is back in a big way. Daniel Martin, global director of artistry and education at Tatcha, explained to Who What Wear that a bold lip is made to stand out, saying, “It’s an accent on the face that strikes attention while keeping the skin looking and feeling real.” Furthermore, celebrity makeup artist Omayma Ramzy added, “A dark lip liner and gloss is really a strong look for autumn and winter.” We have to agree!

Something we’re increasingly learning is that we should take our highlighter to the next level this winter. Priscilla Ono, a Fenty Beauty global makeup artist, told Byrdie, “I think we’ll see people continuing to want makeup products that are multitasking and flexible, particularly when it comes to shimmer.” She added that “monochromatic shimmer is a really simple look, using the same highlight color on your cheeks, cheekbones, brow bone, eyes, and even overall on your skin for a harmonious radiance.” Who could be mad at that?

Embrace your inner teenage dirtbag with this heavy, smudged look. Bold is the name of the game this winter season, and if you prefer a neutral lip, you may want to go bold with your eye makeup. Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Aharon explained how to do “grunge but make it pretty” on her Instagram. “Apply a combination of a dark lip and eyeliner but instead of a hard black, try a silvery grey.”

Gemstones are in thanks to shows like “Euphoria,” face gems are becoming a part of everyday makeup looks. We’ve been seeing gemstones being worn on fashion runways and being used by some of the hottest makeup artists. Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg explained to Bustle that gems aren’t just for special events anymore. “Eye gems and stickers are for daily use; it’s no longer about special events or going to concerts to wear bold makeup,” Greenberg noted.

Once again we can thank TikTok for this updated cat eye look that is very on-trend this winter season. “It’s basically thin, winged-out, and elongated eyes with soft neutral tones and black fluffy lashes,” celebrity makeup artist Kate Synnott explained to Byrdie. “It’s a super-sexy cat eye without being heavy or ’60s-looking. This look is flattering on all eye shapes because the liner is super thin.” With anyone being able to rock it, it may just become a staple for you.

This season is definitely feeling more retro when it comes to makeup trends. Celebrity makeup artist Kale Teter told InStyle why blue eyeshadow is back, saying, “I think one of the reasons we are seeing more blue at the moment is because right now, our pop culture trends are such a mix of the previous decades. People are pulling inspiration from the ’70s, ’80s, and especially the ’90s and early 2000s when blue eyeshadow was quite trendy.” When the early aughts and beyond call, who are we to deny them?

That perfectly sunkissed glow (without the sun damage) is still a hot look this winter season. “The best way to get this look is by using a [highly] pigmented blush because you’re trying to recreate the look of a bit of sunburn,” makeup artist Shadi Malek told Seventeen. Swipe the color across the apples of the cheeks and on the tip of the nose for the perfect natural look.

Fresh skin is in but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace a bold look at the same time. “While I go a little bolder with the eyes and lips, I love to keep the skin lighter and fresher,” makeup artist Leo Chaparro explained to Allure. “I am seeing less layering and full coverage and more of a natural skin finish. I love this because it allows for us to embrace our skin as opposed to trying to hide it under layers of makeup.”

Once again, “Euphoria” is credited with making a glittering eye a big trend this year. “As the “Euphoria” theme carries on, there are splashes of frosty shades, a play with metallic accents with block silver or color foil,” makeup artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis tells Who What Wear. “Think shimmering highlights and adornment jewels around the eye with clean skin.”

Dramatic, long lashes are being replaced by more natural-looking, softer lashes this winter. “I would definitely say that the trend of big and bold lash extensions and false lashes is on its way out,” celebrity makeup artist Zara Kaplan tells Harper’s Bazaar. “This isn’t to say people are ditching them altogether; they are simply seeking a more natural aesthetic.” Time to embrace your natural lashes and invest in a great mascara.

The eyes have it this winter. Not only is blue eyeshadow one of the hottest trends this season but we’ll also be seeing a lot of different colored liners creating some interesting looks. From darker hues like burgundy and purple to pastels like baby blue and pink, the limit does not exist when it comes to using colors to create a striking look. 

Your shimmer isn’t the only thing that will be monochrome this winter. Try embracing the monochrome trend with your makeup by wearing colors on your eyes, blush, and lips from the same color family. “Not only is monochrome makeup really easy to do and great for those who prefer to have a lighter makeup bag by using multi-tasking products, but it also looks effortlessly cool and simple,” Nikki Makeup told Glamour U.K.

By now a contour stick is a must-have in any makeup bag. This winter we’re seeing a bit of a change to how we contour, focusing on a more natural and less ‘sculpted’ look. “We will see less of the drawn-on contour makeup made famous by reality and Instagram stars,” explained celebrity makeup artist Carolina Dali to Who What Wear. “Instead, we’re taking a more natural and softer approach.”

With less contouring we’re also seeing a return to a more natural look, ditching the heavy foundations that have been so popular in previous seasons. “I also am so happy to see the return of seeing dewy skin after so many years of heavy coverage everywhere,” celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles told Harper’s Bazaar. “Everyone looks younger and fresher when the skin looks like skin.”

Another throwback trend that is back is eyeliner on the waterline. Again, thanks to TikTok, many are lining not only the waterline but also the inside of the upper lid to create a soft yet striking look. Celebrities and influencers alike have been employing this technique with stunning results. “It brightens the eyes and by default makes your eyes look more awake!” celebrity makeup artist Lisa Aharon told Vogue. “It can also create the illusion of bigger eyes.”


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