These are the health benefits of beetroot juice


You must have used beetroot juice in your skin and hair home remedies. But did you know that drinking beetroot juice can also alleviate many major health problems?

Without proper nutrition, our bodies cannot maintain long-term health. Nutritionists believe that beetroot juice is rich in zinc, sodium, magnesium, iron, manganese, and selenium. This helps maintain energy for longer periods of time and keeps the immune system healthy. In this article from Health Shots today, we will tell you which health problems beetroot juice is good for.

So, let us know which health problems are beneficial for consuming beetroot juice.

1. Increases Workout Endurance

If you feel weak during exercise, or lack stamina. So you should include beetroot juice in your diet. According to a February 2012 report by the National Institutes of Health, Consuming beetroot juice increases plasma nitrate levels, which maintains endurance during workouts.

During training during the study, it was found that cyclists who drank beetroot juice daily could complete a 10km race in under 12 seconds.

beetroot juice ke fayde
Beetroot juice prevents weight gain. Image: shutterstock

2. Control overweight

Beetroot juice is low in calories and packed with nutrients that can prevent weight gain. Ayurveda also says that fiber-rich beetroot juice has negligible calories and fat, so you can have it for breakfast or as a weight-loss drink.

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3. Helps Lower Cholesterol

As a result of an unhealthy diet, there is a direct impact on cholesterol levels, so other health problems can also start. Beet juice helps reduce bad cholesterol levels while keeping cholesterol levels in balance.

According to a study published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, beetroot juice helps increase good cholesterol by lowering bad cholesterol in the body. In addition to this, it also helps reduce oxidative stress in the liver. Studies have found that beetroot can help lower cholesterol due to the phytonutrients present in it.

4. Reduces Cancer Risk

Cancer problems can be stopped in time if their symptoms are caught and controlled in the first place. Nutrients found in beetroot may help reduce the risk of cancer.

According to a 2016 study by the National Library of Medicine, the antioxidant betaine found in beets is responsible for their color. In addition, it has chemopreventive ability to stop cancer cells. This antioxidant also helps eliminate bad cells in the body.

blood pressure
Help control blood pressure.Image: Shutterstock

5. Improve blood pressure

Including beetroot juice in your diet can also help control your blood pressure. The nitrate compound found in it keeps blood pressure in balance. A study by the National Institutes of Health found that if a person with high blood pressure drank 250 ml of beetroot juice for a month, it helped lower blood pressure.

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