Know 5 period-friendly exercises. – Here are 5 simple exercises you can do during menstruation.


During the period, we were often prevented from participating in sports activities. This is because most people believe that skipping a period can trigger abdominal pain and other menstrual symptoms. Because of this fear, many women stop doing effective exercises like yoga and exercise during their period. However, fitness-crazy women who are accustomed to exercising regularly are often confused about menstrual workouts. So don’t worry, because here we are going to cover 5 period-friendly exercises.

In this case, Health Shots chatted with fitness trainer and Metabolics founder Julie Wagle about the subject. Julie is an ISSA-certified fitness trainer who often faces these kinds of questions. She said exercising during your period shouldn’t be a concern. Instead, she recommends regular exercise. Among other things, she recommends determining your comfort level and developing your exercise routine accordingly.

If you don’t want to do strenuous exercise, add relaxation exercises to your menstrual routine, says Julie.

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Movement is a matter of comfort and ability

Julie Wagle said: “When a woman has her period, everyone has different symptoms. Also, not everyone has the same stamina. So in this case, it’s entirely up to you whether you want to exercise or not. Because any woman’s strenuous exercise during this time can seriously affect her health.

Also, if a woman wants to exercise, then she doesn’t have to stop herself. Because during these 5 days, you can do many period-friendly workouts without worry. At the same time, some exercises can increase stomach pain with your menstrual flow. So try to stay away from those exercises. Also, avoid engaging in any type of exercise or exercise without obtaining complete information.

Here are 5 exercises you can do during your period

1. Stretch

Stretching during your period may be beneficial for you. Lying on the bed, she could roll herself up. It will help you improve blood flow and release tension during the session.

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2. dance

Dancing during your period will lift your mood and help reduce your cramps. Dancing burns calories. Zumba is one of the most effective dance forms for menstruation, so it is recommended to incorporate it into your routine.

3. Yoga

Stretching and breathing exercises, such as yoga, during your period will help lift your mood and control abdominal pain. It increases blood circulation and keeps your body relaxed. In addition to this, it is also good for other period symptoms like bloating.

4. Running

Jogging from the second day of your period may be beneficial for you. If you are a fitness freak and don’t want to stop exercising during your period. So in this case, you can jog some distance. However, keep taking breaks in between. At the same time, it will help you relieve pain and manage other symptoms of your period.

You can practice yoga. Image: Shutterstock

5. Walking

During this period, everyone should definitely walk for a while. This is an exercise that all women can do. This is a low-intensity exercise that helps your lungs function properly during your period. In addition to that, it also burns calories. Not only that, but mood swings during the period are largely controlled by walking in the open.

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