How to Make First Time Sex Less Painful—


Even today, there are many myths about sex in society that people believe to be true. One such myth is pain during first sex! Now you would say it’s true, but for your message, let us tell you that having sex for the first time can be a little uncomfortable or uncomfortable, but it’s impossible because of this excruciating pain you start to feel.

Due to the lack of awareness of having sex together, we may also have to deal with issues – like pain – during sex. But it happens because of our mistakes, often during sex, we don’t take care of something, so these problems arise.

So, as a woman, if you’re having sex for the first time, then there are things you should know ahead of time by which you can make your first sex pain-free and enjoyable (how to make first-time sex less painful) ).

So make your first sexual experience pain-free by adopting these tips.

1. Talk to your partner about sex

Don’t be afraid to express any concerns you have and talk openly and honestly with your partner. Talk about anything you feel a little uncomfortable about. After all you will be sharing your body with them, so you have the right to express your feelings. Talking about your fears with your partner can remove a lot of anxiety.

2. Warm up early

Foreplay is very important before starting penetrative sex. This will help you get along with your partner. Plus, it relaxes your body, allowing you to lubricate your vagina with ease. This will make your penetrative sex more comfortable.

aapke partners ko bhi chahiye foreplay
Why does your partner need foreplay before sex? Image: Shutterstock

3. Try different locations

You can choose any sex position that makes you feel more comfortable. Missionary, standing, dog or cowgirl, you can switch to any position you feel comfortable with.

4. Lubricant and protection are also important

If you’re not overweight for any reason during sex, or if you feel like your partner doesn’t have a condom, your experience won’t be great. So please discuss these topics ahead of time and do not have sex without condoms and lubricants. Because no one really wants their first experience to be bad.

5. Be realistic

If this is your first time, your partner may be too, so try to understand them too. Both of you are inexperienced, so mistakes can happen, so don’t expect too much from each other.

6. Be patient

Don’t be in a hurry when making love. Take enough time to take your time and do it comfortably. Allow yourself to relax as much as possible and enjoy the moment. Give yourself time to get excited. Find a rhythm and rhythm that works for both of you.

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