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Weddings are fun, and so are all the pre-wedding events! Among the many celebrations leading up to D-Day, the bridal shower is something every bride and her bridesmaids look forward to. This is when the big question arises – what to wear to the bridal shower? Whether it’s a themed party or has a dress code, it takes a lot of planning before picking the right outfit. Also, guests need to follow certain precautions. Luckily, we’ve compiled a guide to help you through the process! We’ll help you pick the perfect outfit for the event.

In this article, we’ll discuss what you can wear (and must avoid) to different types of bridal showers. So, keep reading!

bridal shower dress etiquette

The bridal shower outfit depends on the theme of the party and the preferences of the bride. Some brides prefer the ladies in attendance to stick to a certain color or style of gown, so be sure to call the bride and get some clarity. Other than that, here are some tips you can usually follow:

Since this is a pre-wedding occasion, don’t overdo it with the colors you’re wearing. Also, stick to light shades — like lavender or peach — as it’s likely to be a daytime event. Lastly, make sure the color you choose doesn’t look brighter than the bride’s or steal her show in any way.

  • stay away from red

Red is not a good color for bridal showers as it is thought to be associated with adultery. It is also a bold and eye-catching color. So keep that red dress in your wardrobe for date night and make the bride the center of attention at her party!

Although many women love black for any occasion, it is not advisable to wear black to a bridal shower. Instead, wear pretty colors that exude a calm and positive vibe, such as yellow, green or blue.

You don’t need to wear diamonds or flaunt flashy gold jewelry at your bridal shower. Keep your accessories simple and lightweight. Delicate necklaces and simple dangling earrings are perfect for your bridal shower outfit.

  • keep your shoes low-key

You can choose a pair of wedges or block heels for your bridal shower. You can also wear cool booties or heels for a simple yet elegant look. Remember, sky-high stilettos are not for this occasion!

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, read on to learn how to dress for occasions with a dress code.

What to wear to the bridal shower according to the dress code

The dress code can be tricky to navigate, especially if you’re not someone who attends many weddings or formal events. Usually, the bride will mention the dress code at the bridal shower. All you need to do is make sure to stick to it so as not to offend or disturb the bride. Here’s what the different dress codes mean and how you need to dress for them:

  • Cocktail Dress Code

Does the host set a cocktail dress code? Well, that means you need to wear some formal clothes. Therefore, jeans and trousers of any type are strictly prohibited.

Cocktail attire needs to be chic. The easiest way to follow this dress code is to wear a knee-length or midi dress with heels and understated jewelry. You can choose from silk wrap or structured dresses. Just avoid wearing things that are too short or revealing.

  • Seasonal themed dress code

A bridal shower can be held any time of the year. If it happens in fall or spring, wear a light, flowy dress. Loose trousers and flowy shirts are also great for this season.

If the occasion happens in winter, you can choose a dark shade that suits you. Velvet dresses and warm jumpsuits are great options this season.

  • Boho Chic Dress Code

This is the funniest dress code you can look forward to. Wear a casual maxi dress (crocheted maybe?) with some wildflowers in your hair and look like a boho diva! Espadrilles and wedges are the best shoe options for this dress code.

Traditional afternoon tea bridal showers require guests to wear tea-length gowns. You can wear a midi skirt with wedges. Floral prints are perfect for a tea party!

Many people organize a bridal shower in their backyard. So what will you wear? Scroll down to find out.

What to Wear to a Backyard Bridal Shower

A backyard bridal shower is a place where guests can relax. Thankfully, you can dress understated yet stylish for this one. Since this is an outdoor event, you will need to choose your attire accordingly. That’s it!

A backyard bridal shower must be kept classy and casual. You don’t always need to wear a skirt for this occasion. You can keep it simple by wearing light blue skinny jeans (not ripped!) with a light dressy shirt. You can complete the look with a lovely pair of ballet flats.

Backyard settings tend to be hot, and you will need to wear cool and comfortable clothing if the activity takes place during the day. Pair it with a light cotton or silk dress and a large sun hat to keep the light from attacking you!

  • Floral Dress

If there’s one place where you can wear a floral attire, it’s a backyard bridal shower. For a more formal event, you can wear a stylish fitted dress with a floral print in pastel tones. Long maxi dresses or elegant A-line skirts are also elegant options.

Jump out of the rhythm and try a streamlined jumpsuit with unique sleeves. You can dress it up with a light metal neckline and dangling earrings.

Read on now to find out what to wear to a bridal shower in this beautiful spring and summer season.

What to Wear to a Spring or Summer Bridal Shower

Choosing an outfit for a spring or summer bridal shower is easy. Bright colors and pastel shades are perfect for this occasion. These colors usually rule the runway, and there’s no better place to show off your beauty than at a summer bridal shower! Here are some ideas to inspire you!

Spring and summer are blooming flowers. Why not try some vibrant floral outfits for the occasion? A full-length floral dress made of cotton or crepe can make you look flawless.

  • linen jumpsuit

Linen is the best fabric for summer wear because it is lightweight yet looks classy. Choose a linen jumpsuit in beige or ash pink for an upbeat vibe to your bridal shower.

If you want to stay neutral, you can opt for subtle printed garments. Choose a delicate printed blouse with a cream or white skirt. You can also pair the shirt with jeans if the bride specifies that this is a casual affair.

Lace dresses are the perfect addition to spring bridal showers. A lace midi dress with lace or a long halterneck lace dress are some great options for the occasion. Finish it off with strappy sandals or wedges.

Want to try something fancy? Choose a pleated jacquard dress. Bridal showers are a casual event, so you can elevate your look by wearing this lightweight fabric!

Pretty pastel shades are ideal considering the vibe and season. To keep it classy, ​​wear a pastel-colored off-the-shoulder dress for a cool summer look. Leave the hair on to enhance the romantic vibe of this look.

bottom line

The bridal shower marks the beginning of the most important day in a bride’s life. So make sure you dress her bridal shower in a way that suits her theme and makes her happy! If you need to remember one rule, it’s to make sure you don’t steal the bride’s limelight. The best way to do this is to stick to pastel and light colors and keep things light and fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my daughter wear to the bridal shower?

To ensure that the ambience of the wedding shower is maintained, your attire should match the theme. Wear something flashy or elegant depending on the theme.

Is it okay to wear white jeans to the bridal shower?

Unless mentioned in an invitation or agreed with the bride in advance, it is advisable to avoid wearing white for weddings and related occasions. Ask what the theme of the bridal shower is and make a decision.

key takeaways

  • Pastel colored clothes are perfect for this occasion.
  • Choose light fabrics and colors for bridal showers in spring or summer.
  • Always opt for lightweight jewelry and understated accessories.

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